Top Ten Best The Lion Guard Ships

These shippings can be from new characters from TLG and original characters who are in the show from previous Lion King movies and comics.

The Top Ten

1 Simba x Nala

I love Simba and Nala because you can see their relationship grow from beginning to the end. They're so cute, and beautiful, and I just totally love Simba. He's been a favourite through the Lion King and the Lion Guard. Anyone can see their compatibility: Even Zazu!

I love these two together! I feel like Nala really keeps Simba grounded and that Simba is always there to help keep Nala on her toes.

Awesome shipping! The two are how I imagine Kion and Zuri to be when they're older teens...they won't be like the perfect relationship couple like Kiara and Kovu are and never fight but they probably will and I can tell mostly Kion then not happy with some of Zuri's decisions and then Zuri getting annoyed at him but then again they probably will make a good couple than better than Kion and Tiifu or Kiara and Kovu which are too perfect and there fore are unrealistic for lion king but oh well Simba and Nala are pretty good.😀👍

2 Tiffu x Kion

Go to number 1 the underground adventure made me like this even more

Worst shipping ever

Why ain't their a picture

Nah, this ship sucks - Swiftfrost

3 Rani x Kion

Hey, Vitani x Kion shipper down there in the comments,

Kion x Rani is canon and official now so I bet you’re really disappointed. (I love Rani x kion. Rani is amazing)

I just am googling this cute ships future kids! I can’t let go of it

*spoilers* DANG IT DISNEY I LIKE THIS MORE THAN KION AND TIIFU NOW. Also it’s canon watch return to the pridelands.

Kion x Rani forever, it's my number 1 favorite ship

4 Kion x Jasiri

I want them to kiss to, I love them together even though it's a hyena and lion in the cartoons can happen for the fans of Kion and Jasiri forever.

No other female besides Jasiri has ever been expressing such openly flirtatious and romantic interest towards Kion. They always help each other, care for each other and both of them would do everything to protect one another against any danger. This couple will always be an example of the true and boundless love, no matter what. Sisi Ni Sawa forever!

I, personally, love it because it's much more probable than Kion x Fuli. They seemed to really click, and it's adorable!
Plus, I don't understand why people ship Kion x Fuli. They're both cats, and they're both on the Lion Guard. That's it!

Will these two just kiss already!? I seriously would love to see a lion and hyena relationship. Jasiri so needs to move to the Pride lands with her clan; possibly after befriending Simba.

5 Janja x Jasiri

Janja has always had a crush on Jasiri. They should be together.

They Would be a Cute couple

Jasanja is so cute!

Love it - TheLionGuard88

6 Kion x Bunga

I really love this ship! Lion and Bunga are the best of friends and comfort each other so well!

OTP! I see them more as best friends and I much prefer this over Kuli and Kiifu!

7 Kion x Fuli

Okay first of all this should of happened second of all there were hints all over season one two and the beginning of three but they thought it would be werid and changed it this is what should of happened they were constantly flirting and Jasiri as a character sucked Fuli and Kion is what could of what saved this show.

Like I said before this is what should of happened KION and rain made a weird couple they don’t even know each other that good and for one thing I think that rain is using KION for the roar I don’t think she loves him fuli I think actually cared about KION until the stupid Assad character came in this is what I mean this show spent to munch time in there childhood if you look KION talks to fuli way more than any other lion guard member in the first 2 seasons and even at the beginning season it is stupid how this show ends

Despite it's popularity I don't really ship it. I mean it's okay but it can get really annoying at times. People just ship it because Fuli is the only female member of the lion guard and she and Kion are both felines. While Kion has had some chemistry between Fuli he pretty much has it for almost all members of the guard. - Gabriola

Now that I'd thought about it, I don't really ship this anymore, Fuli getting a mate would ruin her character. She's perfect the way she is. Fuli is shown to be independent, which shows she's better off on her own. She and Kion are friends, and I think it should stay that way. - LemonadeOcean

8 Fuli x Jasiri


That’s lesbian - TheLionGuard88

9 Janja x Kion

It's new and unique, and super cute! (My opinion) I just really like it

cool - kionissexy

That’s gay - TheLionGuard88

You said that before now if you support it good for you if not you are a jerk - Riverstix5555


10 Bunga x Makini

I can understand why people ship this. Bunga and Makini have similar personalities being both cheerful, energetic, and a bit irritating but, they barley had any deep interactions with each other so I don't really ship it. - Gabriola

I like this. But these are the ones I'd vote in order
Kion X Tiifu
simba X Nala
Bunga X makini
jasiri X janja
Kiara X Kovu
Sarabi X mufasa - AwesomeJawson

I like this ship! ❤

The Newcomers

? Makucha x Chuluun
? Bunga x Binga

The Contenders

11 Chungu x Cheezi

I think they're canon but Disney just didn't approve it, cause show could be baned then.

I honestly think that Cheezi and Chungu are gay. They act a lot. I ship them. O-T-P <3

But they're like family or brothers, so...never mind!

They're perfect for each other. I ship it.

12 Mufasa x Sarabi
13 Kovu x Kiara

In my opinion this ship is better than Simba x Nala because Simba just kind of forgot about Nala and then BOOM! They were married with cubs, while Kovu and Kiara thought about each other all the time and they would do anything at all to see each other, even leave their prides.

I heard they might meet again in season 3. hope it happens

I like them together

It’s so funny its 13 and they had a movie about them getting together. Lol. - AwesomeJawson

14 Bunga x Beshte
15 Scar x Zira
16 Tiifu x Kuchimba

I want them to have their own episode and kiss

I like this but I like Kion X Tiifu better but if it doesn't happen I hope this happens.
Never mind I ship tiifu now with Baliyo - AwesomeJawson

17 Bunga x Fuli

I ship it - AwesomeJawson

18 Kion x Zuri

I'm sorry, but next to Kion x Rani, this is my favorite ship in the show. Kind of wish Kion and Zuri got together in the end because they were moments where Kion save her and a few stares.

Yes I ship kion and zuri

Best! They'll become canon. Otp all the way!


19 Bunga x Ono

I'm probably the only one who ships this.

20 Fuli x Makucha

I really love this ship. They would be perfect for each other and they are a super cute ship.

I honestly thought that the ship Kion x Fuli wasn't really that fitting for the characters but as soon as I saw these two on screen CLEARLY FLIRTING WITH EACH OTHER I know this was bound to be my favorite ship of the whole show. Rest in peace Kion x Tiifu.

I don't care what anyone says. They are a perfect fit for each other.

These two are perfect for each other!

21 Kion x Vitani

I was really disappointed with the ending of The Lion Guard and how Kion and Vitani didn't end up as a couple. I was devastated! Still, they could always give us a Kion and Vitani pairing in a live-action Simba's Pride, hint hint?

I'm sorry, but I NEED to make a fanfick about it right now.
Kion: The outlands is clear.
Vitani: Yeah right
Vitani: What are you doing in the outlands?
Kion: None of your bussiness
Vitani: * Pins down kion*
Kion: *In head: I do have a crush on Vitani, so I would never hurt her*
Kion: *Kisses Vitani on the lips*
Vitani: *Blushes*
Kion: I- I like you
Vitani: Me too. *Kisses Kion*

I just love the idea of Kion and Vitani as a couple, it's something of an obsession for me.
Why, I can just hear the teasing chanting: "Kion and Tani sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! "
I'm telling you those two are made for each other and if they don't end up as an item at the end of season 3 I'll be so disappointed.


22 Tiifu x Zuri

I ship this too. They are so in love!

Yes yes yes



23 Makuu x Kiburi

No no no! they are rivals...ok fine I ship them

24 Kopa x Vitani
25 Fuli x Azaad
26 Baliyo x Tiifu
27 Scar x Sarafina
28 Mwoga x Mpishi

I like it - AwesomeJawson

29 Kiara x Vitani

It is ok to be gay.

Lesbian - TheLionGuard88

I don’t even like the ship

30 Kopa x Asante

Who is Asante - AwesomeJawson

31 Scar x Nala
32 Simba x Nuka
33 Bunga x Ushari

I really like how these two run into each other sometimes, like when Bunga is a little clumsy and then bumps into Ushari the cobra.❤💙 I know they don't really like each other but I ship it anyway.
#Ushunga ship🐍

34 Simba x Vitani
35 Kiara x Tiifu

Ikr! I love this ship! They are so in love. I think Tiifu is lesbian and kiara is bisexual

How is nobody else shipping this

36 Simba x Kiara

WHAT?! - TheLionGuard88

37 Fuli x Kiara

Lesbian - TheLionGuard88

38 Mufasa x Pumbaa

Mufasa was dead when pumbaa came in.

There are cute in my opinion - benjigoo

39 Mzingo x Mwoga

Um...adorable, and most likely

40 Janja x Fuli
41 Kion x Kiara

I hate this. Do people actually ship this also there's a fine line between a weird shipping and a bad shipping this is neither this is horrible - AwesomeJawson

WHAT?! - TheLionGuard88

Why would anyone ship this? It's INCEST. Just not okay at all.

Plus, TLG is an awful show so why the heck do you make "positive" lists of it in the first place. I know you have your opinions, but come on...

42 Zuri x Chungu

Or this - AwesomeJawson

43 Tiifu x Cheezi

What I don't get it - AwesomeJawson

44 Bunga x Cheezi

Cause they are both annoying. Enough said.

45 Cheezi x Janja
46 Nuke x Kiara

I didn't know kiara liked bombs lol. - AwesomeJawson

47 Janja x Scar
48 Janja x Ushari
49 Fuli x Beshte

They tend to glance at each other a lot... - Gabriola

50 Kion x Kovu


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