Top Ten Best The Lion Guard Ships

These shippings can be from new characters from TLG and original characters who are in the show from previous Lion King movies and comics.

The Top Ten

Rani x Kion

Hey, Vitani x Kion shipper down there in the comments,

Kion x Rani is canon and official now so I bet you’re really disappointed. (I love Rani x kion. Rani is amazing)

They're a SUPER cute couple and they get along really well

Kion x Rani forever, it's my number 1 favorite ship

Kion and Rani make a great lion duo.

Simba x Nala

I love Simba and Nala because you can see their relationship grow from beginning to the end. They're so cute, and beautiful, and I just totally love Simba. He's been a favourite through the Lion King and the Lion Guard. Anyone can see their compatibility: Even Zazu!

I love these two together! I feel like Nala really keeps Simba grounded and that Simba is always there to help keep Nala on her toes.

Awesome shipping! The two are how I imagine Kion and Zuri to be when they're older teens...they won't be like the perfect relationship couple like Kiara and Kovu are and never fight but they probably will and I can tell mostly Kion then not happy with some of Zuri's decisions and then Zuri getting annoyed at him but then again they probably will make a good couple than better than Kion and Tiifu or Kiara and Kovu which are too perfect and there fore are unrealistic for lion king but oh well Simba and Nala are pretty good.

Bunga x Makini

I like this ship! ❤

Tiffu x Kion

Go to number 1 the underground adventure made me like this even more

Umm I'm just gotta say best shipping ever

Its awesome and very adorable

Yay it's finally on the list

Mufasa x Sarabi
Scar x Zira
Tiifu x Kuchimba

I think that Kuchimba is too old for Tiifu. So I do NOT ship it

I want them to have their own episode and kiss

Kion x Fuli

Though I do love Kisiri and Ranion, I gotta say, this was the first characters I shipped in this show. In fact, I shipped them sense this show started! Though Kion x Rani being canon and all don't mean that if there is season 4, Kion can either choose Fuli or Jasiri to be his second mate! And it would be funny to see Fuli or Jasiri getting into to a little agrument with Rani and them laughing about it. Though, I still will say up to this day, that Disney made Rani, Azaad, and Jasiri ruined Kifu. Reply if you agree!

I like all the ships with kion. Rani and kion, jasiri and kion. But kion and full is my fave the are just the best ship in the lion guard fandom!

What? Sorry Fuli and Kion shippers, but I hate this ship. First of all, Full finds Kion like a brother, the creator of Lion Guard said so. And second, she's a cheetah and he's a lion!

Okay first of all this should of happened second of all there were hints all over season one two and the beginning of three but they thought it would be werid and changed it this is what should of happened they were constantly flirting and Jasiri as a character sucked Fuli and Kion is what could of what saved this show.

Bunga x Fuli

Am I the only one who ships this? Fuli and Bunga's dynamic remind me of Raven and Beast Boy's relationship in Teen Titans.

Janja x Jasiri

Janja has always had a crush on Jasiri. They should be together.

Maybe, it'd be suprising if Janja became good, like Makuu did. I ship Janja and Jasiri 53%!

They Would be a Cute couple

Jasanja is so cute!

The Contenders

Kion x Jasiri

I think that it is weird because they are different species and it makes no sense for different species to be romantic towards each other. Otherwise it is good

No other female besides Jasiri has ever been expressing such openly flirtatious and romantic interest towards Kion. They always help each other, care for each other and both of them would do everything to protect one another against any danger. This couple will always be an example of the true and boundless love, no matter what. Sisi Ni Sawa forever!

I want them to kiss to, I love them together even though it's a hyena and lion in the cartoons can happen for the fans of Kion and Jasiri forever.

They’ve had so many interactions with each other and you can find bits and pieces of a romance in there between both and their build to friendship along with their is amazing. They may be different species, but that still doesn’t mean they can’t have a happy relationship without children.

Kion x Zuri

I'm sorry, but next to Kion x Rani, this is my favorite ship in the show. Kind of wish Kion and Zuri got together in the end because they were moments where Kion save her and a few stares.

The two are so cute together. I mean Zuri's like a popular girl and Kion's like a jock right? Nah never mind but I still ship them, Kion may be a bit more responsible and serious than Zuri who's just laid back kind and well not very you know like Kion is and she doesn't seem to spread the hate like Tiifu that's why the two work great together. Kion x Zuri 4 life💞!

Yes I ship kion and zuri

Best! They'll become canon. Otp all the way!

Kovu x Kiara

In my opinion this ship is better than Simba x Nala because Simba just kind of forgot about Nala and then BOOM! They were married with cubs, while Kovu and Kiara thought about each other all the time and they would do anything at all to see each other, even leave their prides.

This ship was way better than any other. Ikon is such a Mary-sue

I heard they might meet again in season 3. hope it happens

I like them together

Chungu x Cheezi

Ha ha ha. Do people really ship these two suckers?

TLK and TLG as a whole is just terrible, and the fanbase might be even worse... So much Rule 34 in the fandom, it reeks.

I think they're canon but Disney just didn't approve it, cause show could be baned then.

But they're like family or brothers, so...never mind!

They're perfect for each other. I ship it.

Kion x Bunga

I really love this ship! Lion and Bunga are the best of friends and comfort each other so well!

OTP! I see them more as best friends and I much prefer this over Kuli and Kiifu!

Fuli x Makucha

But they hate each other! Besides, he's evil, and a leopard, she's a cheetah! What's with the cross species! And Janja x Kion is just weird because they hate each other.

I honestly thought that the ship Kion x Fuli wasn't really that fitting for the characters but as soon as I saw these two on screen CLEARLY FLIRTING WITH EACH OTHER I know this was bound to be my favorite ship of the whole show. Rest in peace Kion x Tiifu.

Why isn't this ship more popular? I'm with Gabriola, and I DO NOT ship Kion and Fuli. They're better off as friends. Plus let's be reasonable. If any of you watch Disney movies, then you know that they'll pair Kion with a lioness. (Vitani, Tifu, or Zuri). As they are no male cheetahs, this ship (Makuli) has a real chance. I'm sorry, but I really ❤️ this ship.
My OTP (one true pair) in fact. And I'm willing to swear that I will stop watching Disney movies of they don't put these tow love birds together -BabyAtheBoss

I really love this ship. They would be perfect for each other and they are a super cute ship.

Kion x Vitani

I was really disappointed with the ending of The Lion Guard and how Kion and Vitani didn't end up as a couple. I was devastated! Still, they could always give us a Kion and Vitani pairing in a live-action Simba's Pride, hint hint?

I just love the idea of Kion and Vitani as a couple, it's something of an obsession for me.
Why, I can just hear the teasing chanting: "Kion and Tani sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! "
I'm telling you those two are made for each other and if they don't end up as an item at the end of season 3 I'll be so disappointed.

I'm sorry, but I NEED to make a fanfick about it right now.
Kion: The outlands is clear.
Vitani: Yeah right
Vitani: What are you doing in the outlands?
Kion: None of your bussiness
Vitani: * Pins down kion*
Kion: *In head: I do have a crush on Vitani, so I would never hurt her*
Kion: *Kisses Vitani on the lips*
Vitani: *Blushes*
Kion: I- I like you
Vitani: Me too. *Kisses Kion*

But Vitani is evil! I hate this ship!

Janja x Kion

It's new and unique, and super cute! (My opinion) I just really like it

Chumvi x Kula
Fuli x Jasiri
Fuli x Azaad
Tiifu x Zuri

How is this so low down!? It’s basically canon, did you see them standing together at the final scene? They’re still in love. Now that's a strong relationship, and they’re both in love in my opinion.

I ship this too. They are so in love!



Kopa x Vitani
Makuu x Kiburi

No no no! they are rivals...ok fine I ship them

Janja x Fuli
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