Top 10 The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa Episodes

Based on the side characters Timon and Pumbaa from Disney's The Lion King film. This TV series aired on the Disney Afternoon from 1995-1999. It follows the comical misadventures of Timon and Pumbaa, and features some characters from the film.
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1 Just When You Thought You'd Cuisine It All

Hilarious episode where Timon and Pumbaa take a cooking class. "Not that kind of doe. Dough!"

2 Timon on the Range

Funny episode as a trio of robbers mistaken Pumbaa as their leader Cisco Pig who they literally just saw get hit by a train they tried to rob, as the episode progresses they begin to suspect the obvious of Pumbaa not being Cisco Pig and attempt to catch him in a lie by asking several questions of things Cisco Pig likes and bust him when they ask wither he likes Timon or Pumbaa and Pumbaa of couse says Pumbaa only for it to be a trick question as Cisco loves them both and just as they are about to finish off the duo the real Cisco Pig shows up still alive and puts a stop to them.

Long live Cisco Pig! Long live Cisco Pig!

3 The Law of the Jungle

Timon gets arrested for scratching his back with the Forbidden Stick

4 Guru-Some

Pumbaa's philosophical sayings start a war over their interpretation.

5 Congo on Like This

Timon thinks Simba is reverting to his carnivorous ways

This episode is the one where it got me into the show.

6 Let's Serengeti Out of Here

A preservationist mistakes Timon and Pumbaa for endangered species

7 Oahu Wahoo

A terrified Timon starts taking orders from a Mandark-esque tiki statue

8 Timon's Time Togo

A dead Timon is sent back to Earth so he can do one good deed to enter Meerkat heaven

9 Recipe for Disaster

Timon and Pumbaa create popular salsa made of bugs

10 Handle with Caribbean

Timon and Pumbaa are escorted by some dumb pirates to Nashville

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11 Paraguay Parable
12 Visiting Pig-nitaries
13 Never Everglades

An Alligator egg ends up in the duo's possession in which Pumbaa actually thought he laid it and after it hatches the baby alligator mistaken Pumbaa for his mother as Pumbaa names him Pumbaa Jr. however Timon is not to happy about it.

14 You Ghana Join the Club

Timon and Pumbaa get kicked out of their new favorite spot by a group of squirrel's all named Ted who set up a new club for them only allowing other's named Ted to join, the two attempt to join while lying about their names both being Ted and the Ted's force them to do several tasks in order to become members which involves bothering a vicious lion by making him wear jingling belles around his neck and later a suit.

15 Saskatchewan Catch
16 The Laughing Hyenas: Cooked Goose

Cheetato, Cheetata, and the hyenas are gods among the Lion King cast.

17 How to Beat the High Costa Rica
18 Beetle Romania

Its brain scene is quite-probably THE best scene in the entire series

19 Luck Be a Meerkat
20 Jailhouse Shock
21 Boara Boara
22 Kenya Be My Friend?
23 Good Mousekeeping
24 Swiss Missed
25 Uganda Be an Elephant
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