Top 10 Lisa Loud Moments

An now the best Lisa Loud moments from the Loud House.

The Top Ten

1 Lisa's Kangaroo Costume from Tricked

For Halloween Lisa dresses as a Kangaroo and for an added bonus she dresses Lily as a baby Roo in order to get more candy and since Lily only has one tooth Lisa gets to keep all the candy for herself. - egnomac

2 Lisa Goes Berserk from Snow Bored

While trying to convince Lisa the positives of a snow day Lisa actually gets into it until she goes overboard attacking everyone with snowballs even using a snowball bazooka util they decide that they have had enough snow and plead with her to stop and use her invention to clear the snow which is exactly what she wanted all along. - egnomac

She normally doesn't share emotions :Lisa: HERE COMES THE SNOW BALLS!

3 Lisa Smiles Eerily at Hugh from Study Muffins

At one moment Lisa grabs Hugh to tutor Lola which is to actually show of his six pack to her and the other sisters, and the look on her face when Hugh asks about the subject that she's tutoring Lola in she just smiles creepily and giggles in an almost perverted way. - egnomac

I hate this episode, but this part was amazing - Gangem

4 Lisa As Lancy from Cover Girls

At one point Lisa comes out looking like a cross between Lucy and Lana while holding a frog before being stopped by Lincoln. - egnomac

This scene was cute. Especially because of how she said "Lancy". - TheFourthWorld

5 Lisa Poops Herself While Pretending to Be Lily from Potty Mouth

I wanted to punch them all for making Lisa pretend to be Lily. I felt bad for her in that episode.

Such an unexpected moment the siblings use Lisa to pretend to be Lily during an interview for a daycare academy to prevent Lily from swearing and the tell her to act more like a 1 year old and she does so by pooping in her diaper. - egnomac

6 Lisa Squeals Along with the Other Sisters from Heavy Meddle

Shows that she really is just a kid - blackflower

"Normaly I don't care for inane human emotion but... Eeee! " - egnomac

7 Lisa Gives Her Lesson While As Luan from Cover Girls

After getting bused by their parents they all get punished by having to do the things they wanted to do dressed as the person they were dressed in which for Lisa she had to do her lesson while dressed as Luan - egnomac

8 Lisa Raps to Lily from Potty Mouth

In an attempt to keep Lily from swearing Lisa raps the Blarney the Dinosaur song. - egnomac

9 Lisa's Evil Laugh from Changing the Baby
10 Lisa Tries to Sneak a Cake with a File from Rita Her Rights

Lisa attempts to break Rita out of jail by sneaking in cake with a large file in it unaware that the officer had let her go early annoyed with all the noise by the family. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Lisa Attempts to Make A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sand witch and Makes a Mess from The Mad Scientist

For a 4 year old she can build time machine but can't even make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. - egnomac

12 Lisa Singing "This Lab is Where I Belong" from The Mad Scientist

Are you %@#&$ serious?

13 "Did I say DNA Samples!" from Room with a Feud

Just the way she says it and the expression on her face was pretty funny. - egnomac

14 Lisa Inside the Frozen Peas Counter from Cereal Offender
15 Lisa working at the gas station from Butterfly Effect

How dare you say that to her?!

I like this part because I hate Lisa

16 Lisa as The Count Counter from Pulp Friction
17 Lisa Break Dancing from Tripped
18 Lisa Using Her Time Machine from The Mad Scientist
19 Lisa's Song from Really Loud Music
20 Lisa’s Friendship with Darcy from Friend or Faux
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