Best Lisa (Risa Oribe) Songs

This is a list of the greatest songs of the Japanese Rock Female singer Lisa (Risa Oribe).

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1 Crossing Field

I think this is by far LiSA's best soundtrack

This song made SAO as good as it is

I love SAO because of this song

. This song is just... I have no words for it... Too good...

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2 Oath Sign

The dark and down right depressing lyrics fit the delightful show of Fate/Zero, ever so well.

I really love the contemporary medieval feel of this song! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I really like this song, I don't know why

I can't stop listening^^

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3 Best Day, Best Way

This is the best song I ever heard from Lisa, very catchy and have a fast beat, Lisa voice is so amazing, in the chorus I feel like I'm flying to the best place, of course this song can make me dance off and singing shout

Every one of her songs are the best and she is a very good singer and writer with her music - Animerockstar

Give new spirit...make my day more cheers up


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4 Shirushi

True it's give this feeling that makes me started to cry

I love this song forever

It's the best SAO ending
I cried when Yuuki died during this song
The anime and this song were really good

Sweetness of this song is... 😭😇

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5 Rising Hope

I really love this song. I like the beat, her voice quality, choreography, everything in this song and how she perform the song! This is the quality of the songs I love!

I really like this song. She can really rock this song

I love all song lisa but I don't no how to get it all

I really really love Lisa and her songs

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6 Confidence Driver
7 Traumerei

This song is very upbeat, with rock and slightly dark instrument, nice melody in the chorus, Lisa sing a great rock song!

This song is so cool and ROCK!

It song very cool


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8 Catch the Moment

So addicting and fun to listen to! I can't stop binge listening to this song! It perfectly fits itself as the theme song to the Ordinal Scale movie for SAO! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 This Illusion

This is the best cover I heard of This Illusion from Fate/Stay Night. The original single of it by Sachi Tainaka is pretty good, but I slightly prefer LiSA's cover over it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 In My Words

One of the best song of Lisa, this song could melt my heart and carried away in the song, Lisa sing this song with full of emotion, slow but sure

I upvote this for the comment, never heard of this song, where could I find it?

The name of the song is in japanese, which is boku no kotoba de

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11 Canvas Boy x Palette Girl

I really enjoyed this song, the chorus is so beautiful, I was always dancing when I hear this song and make my mood happy always, the lyric is uniquely too

Like this song! Daisuki!

12 Ichiban No Takaramono

Thanks for Jun Maeda who create this awesome song, and give the vocalize to Lisa, thanks for make me cry when hear this song although I play it over and over again, this song was the first song that make me cry, this song will be everlasting

Her voice is absolutely outstanding in this song. You can definitely tell she pours her emotions into it. Her performance in this song is definitely never to be forgotten. It will live with me forever, her voice and the song.

The best Angel Beats! Theme song.
Jun Maeda composes the best sad songs ever. The song was perfect for the end of the anime. I cried before and during the song because the characters got erased.

13 Gyakko Orchestra

I like the instruments in this song, the melody in the chorus sounds awesome! With Lisa singing very balanced with the melody

14 Little Braver

Really really great song, the Lyric is great too, with nice and catchy instrument, sometimes make me cry when I heard and sing this song

This should be second because it better than canvas boy

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15 Kiss Me Paradox
16 Cosmic Roller Coaster

A very catchy upbeat song which have very great chorus

17 Believe in Myself

Another great song from Lisa, the intro was so full of emotion, the lyric is incredible, make me believe that I have power and I must "Believe In Myself"

18 Shine Days

Favorite song

19 Brave Song

Nice song

20 Rock-Mode

This should be top 5 I think


21 Ash

The vibes this song gives off... Full of hope and determination. Fitting for a series built around not about the Servants or the Masters, but rather, their own wishes. And I just love this song. Maybe not something I'd compare to my more preferable favorites like Crossing Field or oath sign, but definitely considerable for somewhere in my top 10 LiSA songs. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

22 Mousou Controller

*Listens to sample for Mousou Controller* ROCK ON, LISA! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This at least should be top 10 guys

23 Uso-Tsuki No Namida
24 Owari No Nai Uta
25 Tokyo Love Song
26 Rally Go Round
27 Winding Road
28 Day Game

no sample?

29 Thousand Enemies
30 Egoistic Shooter
31 Itsukano Tegami

I like this song, full of emotion

32 Don't Decide Your Own Limits
33 GHJ
34 Mr. Launcher

Awesome upbeat rock song

35 Datte Atashi No Hero
36 Say My Name No Kataomoi

I really like this song, the chorus is very great, and the instrument played very nice

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37 Hitoriwaratte
38 Eien
39 Mirai Kaze
40 Wild Candy
41 Highest Life
42 Rain Song
43 Hands & Smile
44 Lover 'S' Mile
45 Mushoku Toumei
46 Doctor
47 Run With Wolves
48 Braze of Smile
49 Green Bus
50 Storm Song
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1. Best Day, Best Way
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1. Best Day, Best Way
2. Canvas Boy x Palette Girl
3. In My Words


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