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1 The Band The Band The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson more.

Gumball, Darwin and Anais have to create a Band to cover the current best band "Pop Star's" because they need to go to a Tour around the world. They need to perform the music for the Elmore Got Talent in Three days to try and beat the enemy school "The Best Junior's". The first two days they are failing to create good music but Anais said something which change Darwin and Gumball's mindset "Put the effort now, Enjoy Later". So they used the last day practicing and practicng for the big thing. So when the arrive they didn't feel nervous and They made really good music which everybody loved and they defeat the "The Best Junior's". So Gumball, Darwin and Anais make the school rich, so that they can put new stuff to replace the current ones like the playground. - Dreamformusic

2 The Triangle

An actual episode with this title is supposed to air during season 4, but has a different plot.

Darwin falls in love with Rachel but he likes Masami as well so that make them into a Love contest to see who Darwin loves more by Rachel and Masami telling him all the achievements they made. At the end Darwin couldn't choose so he said that Both of them can be his Girlfriend's. - Dreamformusic

3 The Cult

Gumball and Darwin stumble upon Anais's laptop and find out that Daisy is not just a franchise, but a CULT. Worse yet Anais is whisked away on a brainwashing scheme, so its up to Gumball and Darwin to go undercover to save their little sister.
It's a bad idea, I know

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4 Opposite Day

It's Opposite day in Elmore and everyone had change from their normal selves to another person. - Dreamformusic

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5 We Bare Bears and the Amazing World of Gumball

They meet up with the Teen Titans and abuse, torture and assassinate the Titans

The 2 best shows on Cartoon Network meet up

You're talking about Teen Titans go right?

6 The Butterfly

There's a New Student who came to Elmore Junior High. Her name is Jenny who is a butterfly. She doesn't know anyone yet and Darwin and Gumball felt a little sorry for her so they became her friend. But Soon, She have to leave to a another school nearby because maybe she would settle there better. But Jenny still wants Gumball and Darwin to be her friend so she said that they can come around and play with her at weekends. - Dreamformusic

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7 The Donkey

It is raining outside and Gumball, Darwin and Anais are running to school thinking that School is open but when they reached there school was closed. Then They realized that Nicole and Richard was right about School was closed. So they headed home But Daisey was blown away by the wind so they ran and try and catch Daisey.

Running Throughout: When they get close to Daisey, The wind blows it away - Dreamformusic

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9 The Hula

Gumball and Darwin are chosen to Learn some Hula dance and Play Hula Music for the End of Summer Awards and Achievements. - Dreamformusic

10 The Survival

Gumball and the family must go on a Adventure through "Adventure Island" if they want to keep Darwin. It was really hard work but at least they survive But Soon they find out that all of this was a Prank by Everyone in Elmore Junior High. - Dreamformusic

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? The Repetitiveness

Gumball and Darwin's fans give them ideas for adventures they can do. But some of the ideas the fish cat duo already experienced. But due to them not wanting to hurt the fans feelings. They do them anyways. - toptenforlife

? The Pigsty

Takes place when Gumball was a toddler. Once upon a time Nicole hated how untidy Gumball's room is. Apparently she couldn't hide his anger and called a pigsty. Gumball thinking pigsty means a pig's habitat. Decided to clean up his room, Nicole likes this but soon realized sometimes it's ok to be dirty. - toptenforlife

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11 The Music

I like this idea, though, I think it would be called the tune, not the music. But I find this to be a great idea!

Anais hears some wonderful music from her radio and she wants to find out who had create that music. She went to everyone in elmore but she couldn't find the owner for the music only to find out that it was Darwin and Gumball who was making that music. - Dreamformusic

12 The Change

Everyone in elmore had become humans. Gumball as a Normal Person, Darwin as a Fast Athletic and Penny as a Really Pretty girl. - Dreamformusic

13 The Twins

While Gumball and Darwin clean their room, they found a mysterious crystal under Gumball's bed. But Darwin accidently cracks the crystal and the crystal suddenly turns into a cat. It turns out the cat was Zach. Zach told Gumball and Darwin that he was Gumball's twin brother who was trapped in a crystal to avoid Gumball from going to non existance after been cursed by a witch. Now Gumball and Darwin must go to the land of ooo to get help from Finn and Jake to get a new crystal. Unfortunately, before everyone get the new crystal, Gumball was already disappear. Suddenly the crystal was glowing and broke the curse. Gumball is still exist and now, Zach live with Gumball and Darwin.

Do you guys know that this was my idea? But I add this to the list when I didn't have an account. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

14 The Swap
15 The Failure

Characters: Gumball, Nicole, Richard, Penny, Carrie, Masami, Carmen, Teri, Tobias. Minor Characters: Patrick, Penny's Sister, Banana Joe, Alan, Rocky, Bobert, Principal Brown, Miss Simian, Leslie, Darwin, Anais.

16 The G-Virus

Characters: Main Characters: Gumball, Teri, School Nurse. Supporting Characters: Principal Brown, Miss Simian, Mr. Small. Minor Characters: Rocky. Antagonist: The Virus.

17 The Abuse

I know this idea is a troll idea but I'll tried to make this feel like an idea for an episode. Basically every kid in Elmore is acting like a jerk. Except for Gumball and Darwin, realizing that this was because of the bullies Bomb guy Rotten cupcake and Goth rat. The duo tried to get the kids to get revenge on the bullies. - toptenforlife

18 The Visit

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard are going to Visit all around the world by their Plane to see what the rest of the world looks like.
First 4 Country's: Canada, Portugal, Italy and France - Dreamformusic

19 The Cross Country

It's Cross Country in Elmore Junior High. They have to run 3 miles around elmore to see who would represent Elmore Junior High in the finals. During the run there are only one rest place to recover. At First Gumball is having a hard time running but after the break he pick up speed and he actually draw with Darwin. So those two have been Chosen to the cross country finals representing elmore Junior High, Playing against the other Junior Schools. - Dreamformusic

20 The Return of the Dress
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