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21 The Visit II

Gumball, Darwin, Nicole, Anais and Richard are going to visit the new few places: United Kingdom, Russia, China and Australia. - Dreamformusic

22 The Gumbalympics

Gumball introduced the Gumbalympics which turned out to be really successful with events like Athletics, Swimming,
,gymnastics and the Gumballcountry which is cross country. Everyone is in teams of four and they need to compete which the other 9 teams to see which team is the most Fittest. Gumball's Team is Gumball, Darwin, Banana Joe and Bobert. At First they are failing to complete the events Athletics and Swimming (Only Darwin is finding this easy). But When they got to Gymnastics Darwin told the group that they should never give up and always look at the event next. So with that, The team became really good in the last two event and actually they won all thanks to Darwin. - Dreamformusic

23 The String

The School is hosting a Question and if you get it right from the hat you get a String. To enter you need $1. So Gumball enter it and he picked the correct one so he won it. At First He was playing with it all the time but soon he misses playing with Darwin so he toss it away. But the very next day that string was really valuable and Gumball wants it back so he goes to every house to elmore only to find that Richard had the string. He wasted his day off but when he arrived at his house gumball saw a Pile of Cash. - Dreamformusic

24 The Visit III

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard are going to visit the next couple of Places around the world:
The Savannah, The Dessert, The Rainforest and The South Pole - Dreamformusic

25 The Match

Darwin was selected to come to the Bough athletics with some other people. He Was Doing Excellent until when he broke his leg and Gumball need to take over. - Dreamformusic

26 The Dare

While having a sleepover, Tobias, Penny, Banana Joe and Leslie find a The game Dodge or Dare. As they start to play, things start happening. Just like the last time. Part 2 of The Game. - awgumballcraz

27 The Card
28 The Question

This is already an episode.

29 The Rabbit

Richard and Anais is a both rabbits.

30 The Crush

After Penny and Gumball continue to date each other and forget about Darwin, Darwin wishes he had someone else to hang out with. He begins hanging out with his secret crush Carrie.

31 The Spell

Hector's witch mom accidentally casts a spell to make the citizens of Elmore non stop sing and dance while Gumball and Darwin try to stop the spell.

32 The Trouble
33 The TV

Characters: Main Characters: Gumball. Supporting Characters: Richard. Recurring Characters: Nicole. Minor Characters: Darwin, Anais, Larry, Sal Left Thumb, Doughnut Sheriff, Bomb Guy

34 The Extras

Characters: Main Characters: The People. Supporting Characters: Gumball. Minor Characters: Darwin, Penny, Leslie, Carmen, Tobias

35 The Mystery

Characters: Main Characters: Gumball. Supporting Characters: Darwin, Penny, Alan, Rocky, Bobert, Principal Brown, Miss Simian, Leslie, Carmen, Tobias, Banana Joe, Sussie, Tina, Molly. Recurring Characters: Anton, Idaho, Carrie, Juke, Teri, Librarian, School Nurse. Minor Characters: Anais, Rachel, Masami, Hector, Clayton, Ocho, Eggheads, William, Mr. Small.

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36 The Spider

Characters: Main Characters: Gumball, Mr. Cuddles. Supporting Characters: Penny. Minor Characters: Patrick.

37 The Sickness

Voices: Nicole (Teresa Gallagher), Richard (Dan Russell), Gumball (None He is Sick.). Characters: Main Characters: Richard, Nicole. Minor Characters: Gumball.

38 The Girls

Characters: Main Characters: Gumball, Penny, Carrie, Masami, Carmen, Teri, Molly, Sarah, Sussie, Tina, Jamie, Rachel. Supporting Characters: Leslie. Minor Characters: Principal Brown, Miss Simian, Mr. Small, Rocky, Coach, Librarian, School Nurse, Mr. Robinson, Patrick Fitzgerald, Marvin Finklheimer.

39 The Revenge
40 The DVD

Characters: Gumball (None), Darwin (Kwesi Boakye), Nicole (Teresa Gallagher), Larry (Kerry Shale), Hobo (Dan Russell), Cupcake Wowan, Cube Dog, Patrick Fitzgerald, Penny's Sister, Gary, Jackie Wilson, Excersize Bacon, Pantsbully, Sal Left Thumb, Tobias. Antagonists: Nicole, Larry, Hobo, Letters From Laser Video.

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