Top 10 Fairly Odd Parents Episodes Which Should Be Created


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1 Chloe Dies

What the heck does some sick person actually want someone to pass away that's awful I don't care if chloe doesn't exist that's still horrendous - PatrickStar3

As much as I hate Chloe, this is too much. - sandycheeks

Yep yep please I'd do anything for this

That's mean don't do it.

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2 Perfect Wish

That's actually a great idea for an episode! I would just kill for an actual episode like that! - NerdyPweeps

... There's no conflict, if everything just goes a peachy-keen for everybody, then whats the point? I mean there's the dance & fairy world thing but that quickly gets resolved. Also won't real Timmy want to keep his fairy godparients? He still has Vicky to deal with, so wouldn't he eventually need them again? - ThatkidwiththeContacts

Veronica wants to ask Timmy out on this dance but Timmy have to go to Fairy World with Cosmo and Wanda on that day, so He Wishes that There two of Him, The real One for the Dance and the Other one for Fairy World. And that wish turned out to be really good because, Timmy now likes Veronica as much as she like him and The other Timmy help to keep Cosmo and Wanda.
Headgag: Timmy - Dreamformusic

3 Best Basketball Player

To Impress Trixie and Veronica Timmy wanted to Become the Best Basketball Player in the world so he wished for that by Cosmo and Wanda. Dimmsdale really need a good basketball player and when they saw Timmy Skills they let him represent Dimmsdale. Timmy Started doing Amazing Trick to score lots of points and Defeating Everyone except when Someone wished for the same thing and actually changed his name to "Pronnt" and Timmy Have to Play "Pronnt" to see who is the best Basketball Player in the world. They are using Wishes to make them better at basketball to defeat the other but soon "Pronnt's" Fairy's give up and therefore Timmy was the Best Basketball Player in the World and Dimmsdale will have the Basketball Cup for the first time all thanks to Timmy. Both Trixie and Veronica were so happy about that so they took a Photo of them holding Timmy who is holding the Cup. And that went to the Dimmsdale Gallery.
Headgag:Basketball - Dreamformusic

4 The Fairy Swift

Jorgen Von Strangle called all the female fairy's to come to fairy world to tell them that they need to Create a Band to perform at space and it has to be perfect or else they have to leave their Fairy godchild behind. They only have Two Weeks to practice. For the first Week they are performing badly and they just want to give up but Wanda Didn't want to Lose Timmy or Give up so she said "Put the Effort First then have the Fame Later". With that Every Female Fairy started Putting a lot of effort and when the time came around they went to space and sing Love Story - Taylor Swift. And Some other Female Fairy's done instruments to go along with it. The Earth was cheering for that and the fairy's still singed when they approaching earth going around in a circle with Wanda at First Place. When they ended Everyone Cheered and Jorgen Von Strangle was so happy that they made wonderful Music and they were the first fairy's to go outer Space. So for an award he gave them 1000 More Wishes and ...more - Dreamformusic

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5 Wishology: The Return

I hate the episode and they can't make a anymore wishology episode anymore

Wishology needs no sequels. - PageEmperor

6 The Fairly Odd SquarePants

FairlyBob OddPants sounds better. - PageEmperor

7 Aqualand

Wanda, Cosmo and Timmy Aqualand will see all his ocean friends Headgag: Killer Whale

8 Sparky Gets Sold
9 Lego the Fairly Oddparents
10 Happy Birthday Cosmo

It's Cosmo's birthday and he wanted a Purple Basketball from the Dimmsdale Game Sports but to get the Purple Basketball they needed to win 1000 Tickets by playing the games at the store.
Headgag:Purple Basketball - Dreamformusic

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11 Timmy Kills the New Teen Titans

Nope. - PageEmperor

12 The Fairly Odd Best (30 Minute Episode)

In This episode it would show how did they end up as they are now by looking at every thing which happened in the past
Note:This will be the 2nd last episode of the fairly odd parents as a good ending. - Dreamformusic

13 Return of the Timvisible

It has been two years since Timmy was invisible but as Francis is about to beat him up again he wish that he was invisible. But He needed to create a Band but as it's a couple months since Timmy has a Band everyone how played last time forgot how to play so he needs to be Visible to teach them. But as Francis is near looking for Timmy, Timmy needed to be invisible. But as he is invisible instead of playing the instruments Chester brings Ketchup!. So Timmy went outside and Thrown Francis to the Dump which means he can be visible but as he was about to wish himself back everyone had picked up a instrument and play an Amazing Song with Timmy Singing Invisible.
Headgag:Invisible - Dreamformusic

14 The Other Godparents
15 Regular Oddparents
16 The MMO
17 Dimmsdale Chainsaw Massacre

Vicky, my fave FOP character, would be the killer - bobbythebrony

This is no doubt THE strangest top tens list I've ever seen,

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18 Timmy Phantom

As awesome as it would be if it happened, it's unlikely to happen since DP is cancelled (and for a long long time, I thought it got pulled out in '09 but apparently it's earlier..). Maybe it could happen as a final final episode. Though personally, that short where all those cartoons came together seemed like enough. - PageEmperor

I'm honestly surprised a crossover episode of these two Butch Hartman Series was never made. If Jimmy Timmy Power Hour happened and a proposed crossover between Phineas & Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law is still in the works even though P&F ended a couple years ago, I don't see why this shouldn't happen.

19 Phenomenon of a Lifetime

Every 100 years the Fairys go to Fairy World and complete a task which always save the World and this year every fairy attended except Cosmo and if one fairy doesn't attend the world would end. Cosmo was Relaxing at the beach and Timmy wasn't no where near him so he wished that Wanda could come and she actually came. Timmy told Wanda that Cosmo was far away so she wished Cosmo to come to Timmy's Class. Wanda told Timmy that the phenomenon will be in one hour and then she told Cosmo to come with her. After, a Hour everyone saw the rare phenomenon even Crocker saw it thinking that this is by Fairy's so he put on his fairy machine. But Soon his fairy machine brakes so he doesn't know. The end is when Cosmo and Wanda showed Timmy the photo.
Headgag:Fairy World - Dreamformusic

20 Invader Tim
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