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21 The Show Ends
22 Dimmsdale Olympics Opening

When Timmy saw Hatsune Miku sing Timmy really wanted her to Perform at the Dimmsdale Olympics Opening so he wishes that he could become her. It was pretty hard at first looking at her lyrics and stuff but soon when the Dimmsdale Olympics came around timmy wished himself back to himself and convinced Hatsune Miku to perform at the Dimmsdale Olympics Opening. So She Performed at the Dimmsdale Olympics Opening and the Whole World loved it and Dimmsdale made a lot of money because of that lovely music.
Headgag:Hatsune Miku - Dreamformusic

23 The Fairly Odd Gumball

Timmy is writing to his Pen Pal "Gumball Watterson" and he wanted to see him and his family for real so Timmy wished for that and in a couple minutes Gumball's Family arrived. Timmy was Impressed that he Could Gumball for real and he was even impressed that he has a Pet Goldfish Just like Cosmo, Poof and Wanda in Times. So Timmy Showed The Watterson family all around Dimmsdale meeting all the characters. Everything was great, But in the next day when Timmy showed Gumball and Darwin his School, Trixie and Veronica actually liked Darwin but they doesn't want Timmy To find out. But Unlucky, Both Gumball and Darwin need to go back to Elmore so they went with Anais, Richard and Nicole leaving a Note to Timmy.
Headgag:Gumball Watterson - Dreamformusic

24 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Fairy Godparents

As Cosmo, Wanda and Poof done all the good wishes for Timmy in the past Timmy throw a party for them to say how lucky he has great fairy godparents and Sparky his pet dog.
Headgag:Wanda - Dreamformusic

25 The Amazing Jackie Evancho

Gemcloben used to watch this show when he was young

But if this was made when he watched this show, he probably would have disliked it - TheKirbyCreeper999

Timmy and Cosmo was listening at "O Holy Night" One of Jackie evancho songs and they wanted to see her in real to congratulate her for her music and being one of the youngest singers to make such good music. It was hard finding her but when they found her they congratulate her and brought her to Dimmsdale to sing. Cosmo told dimmsdale that the young Jackie evancho is about to sing and when she sang "O Holy Night" Everyone loved it and gave her lots of positive feedback.
Headgag:Radio - Dreamformusic

26 Team Fortress
27 Sparky Abuse

What about Sparky Gets Eaten By A Titan

He's not even funny. - Goatworlds

28 Wonderful World of Foods

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda went to this World of Food Place and learn everything about foods, looking all around the food kingdom and trying some foods out.
Headgag:Banana - Dreamformusic

29 Reached Handsomess

In order to win a date with either Trixie or Veronica Timmy wishes that he was the most Handsome Person in His School. This wish was going great but soon not Such just Trixie and Veronica who like him every other girl in the school loves him. So they chased him all over the town and Timmy have enough so he Wished that he was normal again. And Sure enough he was normal again not to mentioned that he got slapped twice by Trixie and Veronica. Now Timmy learned that he doesn't want the same thing happen again.
Headgag: Trixie - Dreamformusic

30 To Compete or to Have Fun
31 Case of the Missing Planets
32 Music World

Timmy have to battle King Music in a Music Contest

33 Fruit-Tastic Week

Every year At School They have a Day called Fruit Day and Timmy really liked the Idea of Fruit Day so Timmy Wishes that the World will have a Week about Fruit's called Fruit-tastic Week.
Headgag:A Pile of Fruit's - Dreamformusic

34 Love Surfing

Timmy wanted to challenge with his friends (A. J and Chester) in Surfing alone but when everyone in the beach saw them surfing so they told the friends to join in but A. J is trying to warn them that if too many people surf everyone would get into trouble by the master surf. And that what happened and the Master surf is calling everyone one by one who was the person who started ruining a peaceful surf by couple friends. The ending is when Master Surf told Timmy, A. J and Chester that he would all of them grant Maximum Power the next time when they are doing something extreme
Headgag: Master Surf
Funny Part: Vicky saying: It's TIMMY, It's TIMMY I'm allways keep my eye on him. Vicky's eye is on Timmy Shirt. - Dreamformusic

35 Doodle Goals (30 Minute Episode) V 1 Comment
36 Magic Trick Dog

Principal Waxelplax told in the loudspeaker that everyone need to bring a pet to school for pet day. And Timmy Bring Sparky to pet day and he is doing magic tricks. Everyone liked Sparky and they all want to know where did he got him.
Headgag:Sparky - Dreamformusic

37 Code Cracker

Jorgen Von Strangle told Timmy that he needs to do this code and get the correct code if he want to keep his fairy's.
Headgag:Door - Dreamformusic

38 Taught at School or at Home

As Timmy Hates School he wishes that Cosmo and Wanda taught him instead so that wish becomes true. But Soon figures out that he misses school and his friends.

39 Funniest Day Ever
40 Britney Britney to a New World Part 1

Britney Britney was sent to Elmore to Sing in the Elmore Junior High Play but as Gumball is there Timmy Wanted to come with her to elmore so he wish that Britney Britney likes Him. And the wish worked. Elmore Introduced her and When Britney Britney was Singing everyone in Elmore Junior High liked her singing.
The End of Part 1 see the next part in Part 2
Headgag:Britney Britney - Dreamformusic

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