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41 Britney Britney to a New World Part 2

After Singing at Elmore Junior High Britney Britney got Kidnapped by Someone and Timmy, Gumball and Darwin was sent to find her by using the clues given. They Couldn't find the thieve all around elmore but They soon find out that it was Tobias who Kidnapped her because Banana Joe told them that as Tobias failed with girls in elmore he wanted someone to like him from somewhere else and when he saw Britney Britney he really likes her because she "16" so he Kidnapped her and changed her mindset to make her like him and the wish Timmy made had been cancelled. So They Headed up to Tobias house and try and get Britney Britney Out and change her mindset. But when Darwin told Tobias where's Britney Britney he just told him that he needed to do a 800m Race and whoever wins gets Britney Britney. At First Darwin is having a hard time keeping up with Tobias but at the last 200m Darwin thought of Britney Britney as that he caught speed and won the race so he gets Britney Britney and he got Wanda ...more - Dreamformusic

42 The Babysister Returns

Timmy's Parents are going out to town for a couple hours and they are using Vicky again and they left some chores. But as Usual Vicky lets timmy do the chores and do lots of other stuff as well and what even worse is that Cosmo, Wanda and Poof can't wish any wishes.
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43 The Circus
44 Jorgen Von Strangle Birthday Party

Timmy, Poof and Cosmo have to deliver a cake and buy a present to Jorgen Von Strangle birthday party whilst Wanda and Sparky are having fun.
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45 Life With Jenny

Timmy Meets a New friendly Girl called Jenny who came with her friend Charlotte but the Charlotte and Jenny Friendship had split because Charlotte is making fun of Timmy. After she went they both went to Timmy's house and played. As they both liked the time they spent together Jenny told Timmy where she lives so they both can go to each other's houses.
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It would be great episode for the fairly odd parents. funny part is when Timmy showed jenny to cosmo he says "Who is this lovely girl who smells like javelin. (That wouldn't be true). Timmy says "what":, Then cosmo says What are you talking about Lady Geeks" "Oh look Cindy's back "The Butterfly showed in Sleepover and Over".

Why haven't this happen yet, It would be a Great Episode and it would make people forget all the bad episodes.

46 Guess the Pokemon Answer

In order to Have a Day off Everyone needs to get into groups of three and have to investigate who is the Cutest Fairy and Ice Pokemon in the cards given. But Trixie, Tad and Chad can get help whilst everyone else needs to investigate for themselves but actually Timmy, A. J and Chester got both of the questions right so that they can have a day off whilst everyone have a English Test.
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47 Super Fast Runner

As Timmy loses every race he Wishes that he is the Fastest Runner in School so that Trixie would recognize him and he would be in Bough Sports representing the school. The wished for that and the very next day Timmy Was the Fastest Runner in the whole school and he was in the bough sports at the first couple races he won all of them and Trixie is Talking to him but when he went to the final Jorgen Von Strangle cancelled every wish is currently used and Timmy lost the race by 3 mins behind the fastest runner in Hollywood. But actually Timmy was glad because now he doesn't have to do extreme sports.
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48 Real Turbo Backpack

Timmy wishes that he had a Real Turbo Backpack like his comic fan.
Headgag:Turbo Backpack

49 Inflorescence Flowers

Timmy haves to Arranged all the flowers in the garden but he also want to go to Chester or A. J House but as Vicky is there there's no chance of him going.
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50 Funky Dancing

Ok, this will be better than every New Fairly odd parents episode, It's about Timmy Creating a Dance Club for the end of year school opening by handing people flyers but when everyone arrived Chester accidentally pushed Timmy which makes the pink ball bounced into a water which dropped and react with the electricity then everything went dark. Then Everything Inanimate Objects in the room started Spinning creating a whirlpool when sent everyone into different parts of the world:Timmy, Cosmo and Veronica ended up in Sweden, Wanda, Poof and A. J ended up in Australia and Sparky, Trixie and Chester ended up in Antarctica. Bit Imaginative, I Know. Every Group tried to find there way out by taking a plane but Timmy wanted to walk doing some Funky Dancing thinking that they would get back to Dimmsdale in only 2 hours and 8 hours but Cosmo and Veronica know that they won't get to dimmsdale in only two hours but as Veronica said that "Timmy is the love of my Heart" in "Perfect ...more - Dreamformusic

51 The Dog Who Has Been Taken Away

As Sparky have tricks and the dog store in Australia need a magic dog so sparky has to be sent away and after a couple weeks everyone in timmy's house felt Ok after sparky was gone and now it's back to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof.
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52 Perfect Science

Timmy is tired of getting an "f" in every science lesson so he wishes that he was the best scientist of all time. The very next day Timmy was the best and Crocker have to give an "a" but as he is surprised he thinks that Timmy wishes himself to a genius by the FAIRY GOD PARENTS!. So as Timmy is teaching the class science Crocker get an camera which points at timmy's room to see if he has Fairly god parents. He actually saw Cosmo and when he tried to take the picture the picture was really bad so he thrown it away. The next day Timmy wanted to close the wish because he doesn't want to be a genius so he is now a normal person. Everything came back to normal
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53 Wanda Wand

Wanda's wand is missing and she needs her wand for the fairy contest in a couple hours so she sends Timmy and Cosmo to find the wand.
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54 Best Girls Book

It Reading time and Timmy hasn't have a Book So Crocker gave him a Girly book which Timmy actually liked. It is about two girls called "Emilly" and "Charlotte" who do wonderful stuff and go places every day. And the Book is actually a Best Selling book.
After school Timmy bought a couple of the best girls book to read at reading the next day. To Be Continued.
Headgag:Charlotte - Dreamformusic

55 Best Girls II Strawberries

Timmy is reading the Best Girls book again and this book is about the two girls competing to see who would get the most strawberries.
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56 Dimmsdale Got Talent

Cosmo hosts a Dimmsdale got Talent show for everyone to show there skills and talents. They would be resulted by the judges:Timmy, Poof and Wanda. The winner who gets the most votes gets a Mystery prize, £600 and goes throw to the America's Got Talent.
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57 One Band Or anOther
58 A Wish for Flower

Timmy wishes that he was a Flower because he thinks that flowers have a better life than humans. - Dreamformusic

59 Best Girls III

Timmy Once again read an another Best Girls books series and this book is about "Emily" selling Cookies but "Charlotte" tries to put an end to it.
Headgag:Cover of the best girls Book - Dreamformusic

60 Flora Pays a Visit
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