Top 10 Fairly Odd Parents Episodes Which Should Be Created


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61 Repeat the Best Day Ever

Timmy haves his "best day ever" and he wants Cosmo and Wanda to make everyday like that but soon leads to trouble.
Headgag:Sun - Dreamformusic

62 The Pussycat Timmy
63 Dice or Diced

Timmy Have to choose between Dice or diced if he wanted to keep his fairy godparents.
Headgag:Fuzzy Dice - Dreamformusic

64 Valentine's Dance

As last year Timmy failed to get Trixie to be his valentine, he made sure that Trixie would be his valentine by his latest invention:The Imaginative Wand which can change people minds. With that Timmy finally have trixie being his valentine.
Headgag:love Heart
Timeline:February 13 and 14/ One year after After Love Struck and before The Boy Who Would be Queen - Dreamformusic

65 The Profligacy Parents

Timmy is Tired of Mr Turner and Mrs Turner going out everyday and getting Vicky to look after him treating him badly so he wish that his parents wouldn't always leave the house but as they is no wishes Timmy Have to find ways to get his parents to know what they are doing wrong.
Headgag:Mr Turner - Dreamformusic

66 Banned The Girl or to Take It
67 Veronica Village

Trixie told Veronica that if she wants to be her friend she needs to do something nice so Veronica came up with the village idea and sure enough she made it all nice and Trixie is now her friend.
Headgag:Veronica - Dreamformusic

68 Not Another Clone

Veronica gets tired of following in Trixie's footsteps. She decides she doesn't want to be another Trixie clone. A couple years later, Veronica has made major changes in her life, and while she is unpopular, and has no friends. She still think's she's better off, than being a Trixie clone. She still has feelings for a certain buck-toothed boy, but he's with Trixie

69 Silent Wish

Timmy was beginning to believe that snatching a relationship with Trixie was hopeless, a mere dream that would never become reality. But when an unforeseen threat arises, the two will find themselves travelling down a path none of them could have ever imagined. Whilst on their journey, they will learn to work together, changing their very beings and even their relationship forever
Headgag:Trixie - Dreamformusic

70 Sparky Gets Killed

Sparkey is revealed to be an alien, and finds out that his home planet needs him. So he flies off into outer space, and dies on the way to his home planet.

71 Everyone Dies V 1 Comment
72 Anti-Timmy
73 Timmy meets Spike from My Little Pony: FiM
74 Kissy Kissy Love You
75 Whelk Attack
76 Born to Be Wild
77 Timmy Drinks Beer
78 Different Way - Cosmo and Wanda Edition
79 One Coarse Poof
80 A Pal for Vicky
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