Top 10 List that Lovingicecreams's Classmates Will Make If They Have an Account on TheTopTens (That Admin Will Delete)

this are the list that my classmates will make but the admin will delete it because of...
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The Top Ten

1 Top Ten Reasons Why Lovingicecreams isn't a good user
2 Top 10 Worst Student in our school
3 Top 10 TheTopTens Users That You Don't Want To Be Your Classmates

That list is offensive

4 Top 10 Reasons Why Dumb People Is Better Than TheTopTen User Lovingicecreams
5 Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Haters Should Die

So your classmates want all thetoptens users die?

6 Top 10 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Haters Should Die
7 Top 10 TheTopTens User That Actually Smell Bad
8 Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTen User Lovingicecreams Should Kill Herself
9 Top Ten Reasons Why Our School Is Cool
10 Top 10 Students That Act Like A Baby

1. Them. - 3DG20