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1 Animation vs Minecraft

I like the note block battle best, but yeah, this one is really awesome. Alan Becker's the best animator ever.

Its all bout 4 stick figures try to fight the red stick figure

2 Animation vs Animator IV
3 Animation vs Animator III
4 Animation vs Animator II
5 Animation vs Animator I
6 Animation vs YouTube

This one was so entertaining, and I loved it! The video references were clever and perfectly used, the animation was smooth while making scenes hilarious without any characters saying a single word, and it is just so genius! What made me like it so much is seeing the cooperation of the two simple stick figures to literally just stop YouTube. Alan Becker is the best animator you will find on YouTube.

I seen the preview

7 If Water Had Eyes
8 Pink Army
9 The Burger
10 Animation vs Animator V
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11 The Ultimate Weapon - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 25
12 The Showdown
13 The Burger Box
14 The King - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 30
15 Animation vs. Arcade Games
16 Lumin
17 Animation vs. Pokémon
18 Animation vs. Super Mario Bros.
19 Animation vs. League of Legends
20 Animation vs. Math
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