Top Ten Babylon Bee Articles

The Babylon Bee is a satirical news website, often considering a conservative version of the Onion. Although known for their YouTube channel, they began by writing articles parodying current events and life issues.
The Top Ten
1 Martha's Vineyard Builds Planned Parenthood to Combat Rising Population of Minorities
2 Biden Calls Dave Ramsey's Radio Show for Advice on Paying Off $31 Trillion
3 Revokes Genealogies of African Americans Who Don't Support Biden
4 God Moved to FBI Watch List After Pro-Life Comments Surface
5 War Solved: United States Puts Up Gun-Free Zone Sign in Ukraine
6 Biden Seen Shouting at Gas Station Sign to Lower Its Prices
7 Millennial Drops Support for Socialism After Learning How Hard It is to Get Avocado Toast in Venezuela
8 Man Leaves the 99 Bible Verses that Contradict Him to Go Find the One that Doesn't
9 SAT Now Just a Single Page Requiring You to Draw Devil Horns on a Picture of Trump
10 Texas Votes to Airlift Austin to California
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