Best American Girl Dolls

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1 Samantha

Love her story! She (unlike Molly) can be friends with Nellie despite their differences

Samantha is awesome. I have her mini doll, but I lost it.

I used to have an obsession with this doll as a kid...

I have her and really like her! I also have maryellen but I like her better

2 Rebecca

I wish I had the mini version of her. I used to watch videos of people unboxing mini AG dolls, and Rebecca was the prettiest doll in my opinion. I had the mini dolls for Kirsten and Samantha, but they went missing.

Poor Rebecca was always outshined sibilings. I know how that feels. Come on fellow Rebbecans, together will shall triumph!

Rebecca Rubin has a nice ring to it.

Great thanks to her lovely story!

3 Mia

BEST DOLL EVER! Love the unique features unlike any old AG doll, She is the only figure skater, and the only one to play hockey. She is by far the best AG has ever made.

4 Julie

Love Julie! And when I was 10 I looked exactly like her long blond hair and all! I always loved her the most! American girl dolls is so cool!

I love Julie and Kit the most they are lovely dolls and even Molly she's a cute dolly dork.
Love, Fire wolf ultima.

One of the three American Girl dolls to have a video game. The other 2 are Kit Kittredge and Mia St. Claire.

It's Just a good doll!

5 Addy

I checked out a library book a few years ago and brought it to Creekside Intermediate School but Roosevelt pulled a page from my library book. Mary Margaret Campbell was upset. She took my library book and threw it in her Black Hole Box. I was so pissed off at my teacher. From now on, I chose to get rid of those filthy, disgusting Phonics Practice Readers (which Mary Margaret Campbell owned) and allow her students to read Beginner Books as a good alternative.

My daughter and her have the same birth day!

Addy is SO cute. Her story is great as well.

6 Kirsten
7 Kit

Awesome doll, glad AG made a movie. She really shows how girls lived back then in 1933

I got her when I was 9, she is one of my favorites.

8 Caroline

@visitor Caroline IS in the top ten. She's awesome. She is a tomboyish girl living in 1812 and not afraid to take chances and risks. Her father and brother were kidnapped by the British. She wants to be captain of her own ship.

Should be in the top ten

9 Isabelle
10 Lea Clark

That's my baby girl!

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11 Molly

I love her hair! I use her without her glasses but she is very pretty. I like putting her hair in a bun.

12 Tenney Grant

I got her for free

13 Maryellen Larkin

One thing about Mary Ellen is that she is still in stores. Her beautiful hair is a great thing about her and her clothes are beautiful.

14 Grace Thomas
15 Nanea Mitchell
16 Blaire Wilson
17 Kaya

One of my favorites

18 Felicity
19 Saige Copeland
20 Melody Ellison
21 Marie Grace
22 Camille
23 Molly McIntire
24 Josefina Montoya
25 Chrissa Maxwell
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