Biggest Fads in History

A fad is a game, toy, object, dance move, or even a song that has gripped the world and gets everyone in a craze, and then they die off very quickly. We will be looking at the biggest fads in modern history that put everyone in a frenzy for a period of time, and some are even still going. I hope you enjoy and make sure to follow me if you like the lists I make.
The Top Ten
1 Gangnam Style
2 Pet Rock

I've still got one. Although it was a rock I decorated in art class when I was a boy.

3 Water Beds
4 Guitar Hero
5 Blackberries
6 Cabbage Patch Kids
7 Flappy Bird
8 Fidget Spinners
9 Planking
10 Among Us
The Contenders
11 Snake
12 Fortnite
13 Overwatch
14 Pokémon Go
15 L.O.L. Surprise!
16 Fred
17 TikTok
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