Top 10 Most Complimentary Stereotypes

Stereotypes that ironically say good things about the people they are directed towards.
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1 Canadian people are the nicest

There is no such thing as too nice. I can unfortunately say that so many people here are jerks, especially at my age, but there's so many nice people here! You smile at each other while passing on the street, say hello, help someone when they need help, etc.

In fact, too nice. Justin Trudeau proves that there is such thing as being "too nice." His extreme kindness is bringing more refugees and terrorists into Canada as well as stripping men of their testosterone.

That is so true! Although I've never met any Canadian.

2 Black people are the best at basketball

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Ray Charles, Shaquille O'Neal, Stevie Wonder, 2-Pac, 50 Cent, Notorious BIG, Childish Gambino, Louis Armstrong, Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Will Smith, etc

(edit: this was supposed to also include the rap/jazz/funk stereotype)

3 Asians make all of the best types of food

That's an opinion, not a stereotype, idiots.

4 Germans are the best scientists

A bit reminiscent of the "death doctors" from the Holocaust, but still

5 Russian people are the manliest

Russian women may be manliest in some people's opinions, but they are BEAUTIFUL in their own way.

Even Russian women are the manliest? That's is less surprising!

Well, if the fact that quite a few of them are straight-up BEAR WRESTLERS who are built like the Hulk doesn't convince you, then I personally don't know what will

6 British people are the wittiest and funniest

Sadly not everyone in Britain falls into that stereotype. The stars of TOWIE have as much wit and use as a chocolate fireguard.

British comedians are hilarious. Except James Corden and Russell Brand, that is

7 Americans are trendsetters
8 Japanese people are the best at video games

No wonder why most of their games are famous! You rock Japan!

9 Asians are smart

Other people as well as Asians are actually very smart.

I've seen this stereotype so much. "Can you help me with my math homework Kei? "

Everyone is smart in their own way!

10 All of the best vehicle engineers are German
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11 French people have the best cuisine
12 Asians are good at maths
13 Asians all know Kung Fu
14 Autistic people are the most creative

I'm very creative with arts & crafts, drawing, cooking, baking, story writing skills, etc!

This is true for me. I write stories and scripts.

I'm Autistic and I'm very creative!

15 Asian women are sweet and submissive
16 French people make the best wine

I thought Italians make the best wine.

17 French people are the best lovers
18 Black people are the least racist

How many black people in recent years say that police are purposely killing black people, saying that if you don't support them makes you racist. it is actually a fact that blacks are just as racist as whites

Back in the 50s, that's the truest thing ever.
Now it is not true. I'm not being racist.

This is false! Beyonce, Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey and other Black People are rich!

19 Being Italian is not just a nationality; it's a way of living
20 French people make the best perfumes

Non French celebrities makes very good perfume as well as French people.

21 Black people are the best stand-up comedians

Nah, British people are. So what about Lenny Henry, he's a black british comedian

Assuming Samuel Jackson's role as Jules in Pulp Fiction counts, him too

22 Brazilian girls have the nicest butts
23 Americans are the most patriotic

Too much patriotism isn't good for any country in the world. You should always still be able to see pros and contras, and criticize what needs to be criticized. And you need to be aware that there is more than just your culture. No matter which country it is about, I wouldn't exactly call patriotism an all too positive thing.

Americans are so diverse it's hard to tell but in rural areas they are really patriotic

24 Black men are good in bed
25 Brazilian people are the best at football
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