Top 10 Most Embarrassing Times to Vomit

The Top Ten
1 During a Class
2 During a Job Interview
3 During a Play
4 While Visiting a Library
5 While Shopping at a Store
6 While in Front of Your Crush
7 During a Workout at the Gym
8 During a Movie at the Theater
9 While Waiting for the Gates to Open at a Concert

My friend and his date were waiting to be let into a concert. Out of nowhere his date became ill and everyone around us noticed, they spread out around her in a circle, and in front of maybe 100 people, she puked. Many began laughing. Ultimately I felt sorry for her, but kept my distance from her nonetheless. I can't imagine how she felt.

10 During a Convention
The Contenders
11 During Church Service
12 During a Presentation
13 While in Front of Your Family
14 While Dining at a Restaurant
15 During a Ride on a School Bus

If this happens to me I would start walking to and from school.

16 During a Funeral

Well you might vomit if you accidentally see the dead body.

17 During Graduation
18 During a Visit to the Zoo
19 During a Visit to a Museum
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