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Seriously, I making this list just to get it out of my mind! Girls Und Panzer is a popular 2012-2013 anime about schoolgirls and a class elective called, Sensaho Do, a traditional art of tank fighting. Thoughout the anime, a lot of colorful characters and people are introduced, this list is to the most favorited of the show. This does not contain ALL the shows characters however.
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1 Erwin

Erwin (real name is Riko Matsumoto) is a character based off of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel of Nazi Germany in which she has a similar apperance. She wears an army officers cap and tan desert coat over her school uniform and has a very detemined additude. Shes put at the top due to her personality of being different from everyone else and having a close friendly bond to Yukari and a few other characters, plus Erwin has a couple of funny scenes and quotes. Shes a true leader like Miho and is the commander for the teams Stug I tank destroyer.

2 Katyusha

Stuck with Napolean Complex Disorder (NCD), Katyusha feels imitated by her small size. She then combats it by knocking out some enemy tanks on the field with her T-34 Soviet tank. Katyusha is a prideful, boastful and a somewhat arrogant girl who tells people whos above her that shes better by offering over a challenge to them. Shes accominated by her co-commander Nonna who does stuff for her, corrects her on rewordings and even offers her leader piggyback rides, Katyusha feels more dominant when shes a top of Nonna.

3 Yukari

Yukari is such an awesome character so much so she is the main character in the manga. Yukari even loves tankery the idea on the show her mind is always set on tankery. She also is funny and very shy. Yukari might have autism or asperger syndrome which is very sad her mind is deranged and so only thinks about tankery and stumbles on her words. Yukari in the tanjk turns into a whole different story she is to me the best character in girls und panzer.P. S erin x yukari also check out the new season there making.

4 Darjeeling

Saint Glorinas Tank team captain she is an interesting complexed girl. In all the episodes featuring her in it, Darjeeling is always drinking tea, ALWAYS. Her background is british and her quotes and traits are very English, she also has a stove inside her Churchill VII tank that brews tea for her and her teammates to drink, though shes the only person drinking it. Shes a commudical character with a lot of moments that puts a smile on your face.

I think that Darjeeling is the cutest Girls und Panzer character of all time.

5 Anchovy

And when you'll tell me I can't fall in love with Italian Fascist Dictator...
Lo sai cosa ti dico?
Me ne frego!

6 Kay

This girl is a fun get to know person who leads the Saunders Girls School and is a commander of a M4 American Sherman tank. In the episodes that feature her, Kay is a forgiveing happy person who is also full of energy, not finding a point to be friendly except when she yells at a teammate for cheating in the competion. Mostly positive, she enjoys socializing with others and always offers stuff in open hands.

A Southern-Based Girl, who leads Saunders based on the idea of fairplay, she immediately withdrew 2 sherman M4A3 tanks from her command when she found out that Alisa, the flagtank commander, breached into Ooarai's radio communications, letting Ooarai's Hana take the shot at at M4A1 before Sniper Naomi knocks the PZ 4 D anko team out... Kay helped Miho win by reducing tanks quantity, diverging from her strategy of swarming (pun intended) tanks on Ooarai.

7 Nonna

Nonna is Katyusha's best friend and surrogate mother/older sister figure, as well as the overall second in command of Pravda. She is a very calm and compassionate character, as well as beautiful. Her motherly personality shows often towards commander Katyusha, and despite being yelled at, she still remains loyal and compassionate. In Girls und Panzer der film, she has proven her loyalty to Katyusha, and even went as far as to sacrifice her tank for the commander, saying that she was more important. Also, she is the best tank gunner in the entire show, only missing one shot in the anime series. She is normally in a T-34-85 tank, but can also operate the IS-2. She is the kind of woman any man would dream to have, as she can tolerate yelling while still remaining calm and compassionate. She is also in my opinion the most attractive character in the anime, and has never lost her temper, always remaining graceful and elegant.

8 Momo Kawashima

Momo is the (former) PR Manager of Student Council and loader/gunner for Turtle team and there Hetzer. She has medium length black hair with her easily recognisable monocle. Personality wise, she seems cold, strict and an overwhelming dominance and control, to people like Miho. But, that's not really "her" she seems to try and hide it under a coat of ice but her heating personality, it melted it away with her first outburst. This is when we started to see the real Momo. A somewhat hot headed, emotional, stressed but caring and determined for her beloved friends and school. Her stress probably comes from multiple different things all piling up in to one like family life, her managing job, trying to think of new plans of attack, school exams and tests. And well, of course the school itself being shut down. Aside from her character arks I like her on a more personal level. There multiple things I can relate to, with me becoming an adult soon and going through teenage years like, The stress of family life, my easily annoyed temper, my somewhat cold and dry taking, can get emotional about certain things, bad social problems and anxiety. But there are good things about Momo that I want to strive to be. Be a good big bother for my siblings, stay determined and never give in to self doubt, keep good friends close to me, Keep up the hard work, try and be more social. And most importantly be happy. Because if Momo with all of her problems can become happier than I can, even in these confusing times of my life.

I love you Momo-Chan~

9 Nekonya
10 Erika

One of the main antagonists of the anime, Erika Itsumi shows harsh leadership along side Mihos older sister Maho and their team, Kuromorimine. Shes the commander of a Tiger II German heavy tank and the co-commander of their schools tankery team. Thoughout the anime, she appears along side her commander Maho and trys to itimnate Miho for blemishing up the schools record of victories for nine years in a row. Erika could also be classified as a "Hot Head" for in one the episodes, a series of unfortanate events happens to her panzer that causes her to explode in anger that seems somewhat amussing.

The Contenders
11 Miho

The main character of the anime has lots of moments in which shes noticed and known. Having a troublesome past, she still has a peaceful motive and is a very nice person who cares much about her friends and even her enemies like her older sister Maho and her friend Erika. Miho is also a great commander for her entire team who listens and understands what her crew is saying and what they need. Thanks to her leadership and teamwork, Miho and her friends were able to shoot their way to victory.

Miho is shy, but she is really strong mentally. She is the one who raise the team spirit when the morale is poor. None of her opponents were able to bring her down, Erika in particular. The true leader, one of the better commanders in the series.

12 Saori

Saori is classified as a red headed, long haired, glasses wearing, boy chasing indiviual whos loyal to the Oarai girls school tankery team. Shes the radio operator of the schools Panzer IV tank and is always wanting to look good in front of others. Mostly not talking much, she befriends Miho on the first day at school alongside Hanna.

Saori is the most beautiful girl in anglerfish and everyone else

13 Mako Reizei

Mako: Why does morning have to come?
Me: Amen sister!

Skims a manual, becomes a master tank driver, like come on is this really a debate

14 Hanna

Hanna is a tall long black haired girl who has a positive attitude and is always right when it comes to tight situations. She comes from a family that has something to do with flowers and was kicked out of the household for wanting to be on the schools tankery team. Shes an accurate gunner on the Panzer IV who never has a hard time hitting targets and always has a cool head in combat.

Best gunner in the universe! And she convinced her mother to like tank I love hana she's the best

15 Maho Nihizumi
16 Clara

Clara is a tall, elegant girl with long, platinum blonde hair. Her personality is similar, if not exactly alike to that of Nonna's. They both act like older sisters/mothers to Katyusha. Clara, despite being a fairly new student, has managed to befriend Katyusha in a very short amount of time, and has become one of her most trusted team members, apart from Nonna. Like Nonna, she is never seen losing her temper, and remains calm, without raising her voice. She is also very attractive, as well as skilled at tankery.

17 Alice
18 Anzu Kadotani
19 Caesar

Ave Caesar! Yeah, I'm just sick Roman RepublicEmpire fan though)

20 Mikko
21 Naomi

"she's a short haired girl with a normal attitude.
And was the first to easily recognized Yukari who was in disguise while Arisa states her class(oddball division team) this proves that she has incredible senses. And when she first meets Miho and the team she offers them food for a peace offering. She took out 3 tanks of the ooarai girls school tanks. She may sometimes eat gum, she operates a firefly. sherman and she's the gunner.

If you wanted to pick a sniper well here's your sniper for Saunders Girl School''

22 Rosehip
23 Mika
24 Yuzu Koyama
25 Alisa
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