Top Ten Misconceptions About Vegans

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1 We are all PETA fans

I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian, but even I think this misconception is stupid. Although, I would blame the vegans on Instagram and DeviantArt for making blood-filled pictures that look like PETA propaganda.

I think that if any organisation were to cause harm to animals, then those who support animal rights would logically oppose it.

I am vegan, and I am against PETA for their racism, misogyny, and violence.

2 There are various definitions of "vegan"

I'm not a vegan but actually a vegetarian (lacto-ovo vegetarian), so my principles are somewhat different. But yeah, the reason why I don't eat meat, fish, or wear leather is that I can't see animals slaughtered solely for human use.

I'm not fully a vegan as I still eat cheese and eggs for the extra protein, fat, and calcium.

3 We want "lite" food
4 You will lose weight by turning vegan

I eat A LOT of meat, and I can still manage my weight!

I eat a lot of chicken, and I'm bony.

5 We save a lot of money by eating vegan
6 You will always be healthier as a vegan

I don't really get this one myself. When I tell people I'm vegan, they straight away question my protein intake. I have the same reply each time: Don't ask me about my protein, and I won't ask you about your cholesterol.

Cocaine is vegan, and it's unhealthy.
Sushi is non-vegan, and it's super healthy.

7 We are weed-eaters

This is dumb. I'm no vegan, but this is so stupid!

8 We can read the label and determine whether a product is vegan
9 We cannot engage in oral sex
10 We don’t get enough protein
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11 We are all environmentalists
12 Being a vegan makes you a saint

Seriously? To become a saint, you need to perform 3 miracles, and the Catholic Church has to give you the title.

13 Being a vegan makes you smart and wise

I have better logic in my pinkie than every vegan out there.

14 We all hate zoos

As a vegan myself, I love to go to zoos that aren't harming the animals.

15 We are all militant activists

I would use the adage "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar," but vegans don't eat honey! Yes, there are a few vegan activists who believe in promoting veganism by using an in-your-face, confrontational approach. However, the majority of activists take a more subtle approach where education, rational thinking, and adherence to one's moral compass are used to urge people to consider adopting a vegan lifestyle. (Check out various YouTube videos by Ed Earthling.)

16 We are unintelligent
17 We don't get enough iron
18 We are hippies

The stereotypical vegans dress like hippies, but I don't think that's the case.

19 We are stoners
20 We speak like a surfer
21 We are soft-hearted

Hell yeah, we are soft-hearted. If you were dying in front of me, I wouldn't even shed a tear! We aren't vegan because we are crying about our pet pigs dying, we just want to stop cruelty to animals!

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