Top Ten Pet Peeves With Electronic Devices

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1 Bad internet

This is really annoying. When it takes a full reboot to load a song, video, etc.

I can't stress how much I dislike it when I'm in the car and I have no service!

2 Battery dying

That's what makes me paranoid about my phone. I have never let it die before. That's why I alway have my phone charging, I take it out when it gets too hot, though.

Always by surprise. Sometimes want to hit my iPad with a hammer, but won't, because it's valuable and I'm not crazy.

Once at a party I was playing on my phone and it randomly froze and the battery drained when it unfroze again. Then my phone nearly died and I had to charge it and I ended up being EXTREMELY SUPER MEGA BORED for the remainder of the party.

3 Having it break
4 Expense
5 Slow responses

How hard is it to open the bloody app?

6 Dumb default setup

Took me hours to set my phone right after I got it!

7 Everything's in a foreign language

Wrong. The correct translation is: "Wrench-jacked Billy cannot eat windows like Don Lamp. If you do not vote the Button for President then you will be forced into a race car with a rabbit as a partner or get billy-shicked by a nonthescope.

Luckily for you, PositronWildhawk, I can speak jibberish fluently and can translate. You roughly said: "Help! My left buttock is on fire and I need to know what the time was tomorrow."
So, now you know!

Are you sure you can translate that well? I just sincerely hope I didn't say that.

8 Inefficiency

So annoying when they take ages to charge up and it isn't long before they run flat.

9 Being outdated quickly

Currently happy with my second generation iPad, but I give evil stares to those who show off their later models.

I got my tablet for Christmas 2 years back, and people say it's "old". But it seems like I got it yesterday!

10 Becomes useless as it ages

Unbelievable how long it takes my three-year-old macbook pro sometimes.

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11 Takes ages to turn on

Explodes I hate this...

12 Voice search misinterpreting what you say
13 App crashes
14 Ad pop ups
15 Not being able to hear your ringtone
16 Dropping your phone on your head
17 OS crashes
18 Fake virus scam pop ups
19 Stuck progress bar
20 When everything freezes
21 Lost data
22 The volume automatically increasing
23 Touch screen not working properly

Once I tried to play a song on my phone and it swiped exposing the delete button instead

24 Chargers not charging properly

Sometimes when I plug my iPad into a charger, it won't charge at all, even if I switched outlets.

25 When it has been hacked
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