Top Ten Reasons Ouija Boards Aren't Real

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1 They take advantage of the ideomotor effect

Ugh, I most likely misspelled that. But what it is is, you expect it to move so you move it by yourself without knowing it. What really destroys you mentally is the fear it's real.

Advantage? What do you mean about advantage?

2 They're sold in Toys R Us for under $20

It was made by the Parker bros, the same people who made monopoly. They were just looking for their next game to get money. If something was all magical, wouldn't physics get control of it and it wouldn't be treated like such a toy? And be so CHEAP?

3 The people claiming they're real are mainly bloggers and youtubers

The people with these supernatural stories and $h! + are bloggers and YouTubers who are making money off of veiws and readers. Of course they'll lie

What a genius list! Totally not obvious!

4 Police and other legitimate organizations do not use them

Why would cops waste their time investigating when they could conjure up all-knowing demons who will tell them where the missing body is, who did what, etc?

5 They make no sense

You're going to summon demons by a wooden board? It's like, these demons have nothing better to do than answer people's dumb questions about stupid stuff?

Do those demons even have any lives?

6 The YouTube videos seem fake

The acting is bad, the quality is terrible, the situations are unlikely (even with supernatural involved) and it makes sense a YouTuber would fake it. They make money off of this! They put in adds, and get paid for views, they need to do something to get people watching! Notice how when already popular channels do it nothing happens? A will it kill me channel with around 100,000 subs did the ouigia, nothing happened. But the unknown channels "oh look, this demon's doing this! Oh my god, this demon's doing that! "

I watched this one guy who was playing inside a cave. He asked a question and two seconds later a rock fell onto his head! Tell me how that's not fake!

7 There are millions of other ghost games

Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie...I think for some reason people just like getting freaked out and ghosts are just the freaky thing, so they milk it.

8 You can make one yourself

I could grab some cardboard, grap a pen, and a peice of glass and write some letters and numbers, and boom! There's my ouigia board! It's so stupid, if it was truly supernatural you can't make it yourself to work. The thing that is making it work is your subconcious.

9 They are apps for them

The apps use coding, you type in a question then it has answers programmed to it. Similar to talking angela.

10 Ghosts don't exist

I don't believe in any paranormal things
There is no solid proof for those things.

Oh come on! Now you are just going to release a ghost, a poltergeist, or a demon by using a Ouija board, conducting a séance, or playing a Charlie Charlie game.

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11 They call it a spirit board
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