Top 10 Reasons Why Just Stop Oil Should Be Stopped

Just Stop Oil is a climate activism group. Think they are good? Think again! They cause many bad things, and I will be showing them in the list. Make sure to follow me if you enjoy the lists I make and enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 They are Not Helping the Environment

Conspiracy theory time. These guys are actually funded by oil companies as a way of discrediting climate activists in general making them look stupid.

2 They Cause Traffic Jams Wherever They Go
3 They Try to Destroy Priceless Pieces of Art
4 They Stopped a Sick Dying Baby from Getting Medical Attention
5 They Disrupt Sporting Events
6 They Damage Public Property
7 They Make Life Harder for People
8 They are Drawing People Away from Climate Activism
9 They Fail to Clearly Articulate Their Objectives
10 They Ruined Someone's Wedding
The Contenders
11 They Do Not Have a Convincing Strategy
12 They Cause More Pollution by Holding Up Traffic
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