Top Ten Things Guys Will Never Understand

Being a girl can be hard sometimes. Some things guys will just never understand...
The Top Ten
1 Period cramps

I'm a guy, and I've experienced a period simulator before. I've never felt more pain in my life. Every time I lose a bet or a fight with my girlfriend, I have to use that. It sucks. I'm sorry, girls. Much respect.

I will never know how periods feel, and that's good because I will never want to know.

2 Being afraid of spiders
3 Checking your hair and make up in every window or mirror

Laugh out loud. This is so pathetic. I see my neighbors do their makeup to walk twenty feet to their mailbox. I mean, seriously!

4 Having a closet full of clothes, but having 'nothing to wear'

Oh my gosh, I have the biggest problem with this! My whole family teases me, including my mom and sister who are closer to tomboys than girly girls - not that I'm a girly girl, mind you - and they just don't seem to get it. I have a bunch of shirts and tons of different kinds of jeans (among other clothes), but my outfits are rarely perfect enough for me to be satisfied!

We have nothing to wear because we never like people to see us wearing the same outfit. After a while, you start to run out of good clothes combinations, which leads to the conclusion that we have nothing to wear.

5 Crying at sad movies

I'm a guy, and I will never understand this. I always feel a little bit sad but never even close to crying, and I've seen things like The Green Mile, Schindler's List, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Call me an emotionless bastard, but I did not even come close to crying during any of these.

I don't cry at sad movies or books. My mom does.

6 Eating tons of chocolate to make you feel better and then feeling fat
7 Talking on the phone for hours

One thing just leads to another, which leads to another. Then that leads to gossip, which leads to another hour of talking on the phone.

8 Wearing a bra

This one can't be discussed at all. Men don't wear bras and don't have to.

They will never understand, will they?

9 Sexism
10 Constantly saying I love you to your friends

I'm a man, and I can't recall the last time I said this to a friend. In fact, I never did. Laugh out loud.

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11 Child birth

Right! You are in more pain than ever, and all the men are like, "Eh, you're fine. Ooh, I got a baby now and I didn't even DO ANYTHING!"

"It's like having your body split in half." What?

12 The struggle of putting skinny jeans on
13 The need to fit in
14 Sneezing after putting on mascara
15 Wetting your pants after you laugh or sneeze
16 Pregnancy
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