Top Ten Things That People Misunderstand

I think many people can relate and maybe they can get helped a tiny bit by it. That's what all we people should be for each other:helpful and not criminally insincere! Add more things that people misunderstand if you can and if you want.
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1 One's Intentions

How twisted the human mind can be! I wish good luck to everyone who is dealing with double-faced people and they come to realize that gradually. I don't feel self-pity for that discovery, but I'm upset for sure and feel sorry for the person who thinks that I can believe his/her story. I won't tell about the gender of this person, to me the facts speak for themselves. I don't need a proof anymore, I got it when a certain reply I sent to someone got deleted today. I have no more doubts about it. Nothing can throw dust in my eyes now...

No one truly seems to understand me. All the time I try to do something I mess up and get shammed for it, Or people tell me my thoughts and opinions are dumb. :(

What is bro on about

2 One's Words

Misusing words can give someone a lot of trouble. That's why when I use them I need to mean them. I want the other person to feel the same, otherwise why to bother? Words and silence hold the key to the truth. That shouldn't lead to misunderstanding, but unluckily with some people that happens.

3 Men

Elaborate on the men

4 Love

Love is love love can be with anyone.

5 Life
6 One's Limits
7 Friendship
8 Politeness

Sometimes we mistake politeness for kindness and sensitivity. It's not the same thing. It's not that tragic but it's certainly vulgar.

9 One's Humor

Laughing your truth away doesn't make your humor appealing.

10 An Understanding

Well, I'd say that if you need some understanding, it's necessary to keep one thing in mind: do not hide yourself from the people you want understanding from. It's really important. As far as I have experienced, you can't just rely on yourself for that. It rarely works, and you shouldn't act like there's nothing wrong. That won't help at all.

I usually kept my problems to myself, but then one day I realized it's not going to help. It would just strain your bonds. You'd think there's no need to include and burden others (I mean ones you love), but you're wrong.

Let me tell you: if you keep negative stuff in your heart, you'll act strange because of it, and no one would know why. You would seem off, and you'd be misunderstood for sure. It will affect your bonding, and it'd be your fault.

Take it from me: need understanding? Talk about it.

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11 The Human Mind
12 Misbelief
13 Anger
14 Manipulation
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