Top Ten Things People Often Base Their Whole Personality On

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1 Career

That way you're not just a worker but effectively the property of your employer.

Oh yeah those billboard signs that say your job is who you are or whatever

2 Religion
3 Personality Types and Classifications
4 Politics
5 Sports
6 Sexual Orientation

This is absolutely true, before you call me a right-wing bigot, here me out... I'm autistic, but I don't base my personality on Autism. I'm not a Flanderized human being, nor are several gay people (I mean, I've watched like 50 episodes of Ellen as a kid, and I never knew she was lesbian until my mom told me), but several of the vocal minority on Twitter/Tumblr base their entire lives around pronouns, and that's just weird.

7 Astrology
8 Internet and Social Media

"Just be yourself"

I don't know who the heck I am but at least I'm not afraid to admit it

9 Conspiracy Theories
10 Funko Pops
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11 Disabilities
12 Music

Oh yeah I've seen this a lot, and not just in conversations, some people really like to have a specific look that fits their musical taste.

13 Plastic Surgery
14 Guns
15 Physical Appearance
16 IQ Levels

Oh yeah this is ridiculous. People who boast about their IQ tend to be very insecure about their self esteem, and it's quite stupid. I may have an extremely high IQ that's superior than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking but at least I don't brag about it! In short I'm not stupid, except the people who constantly brag about their IQ! /s

17 Dietary Choices
18 Media and Pop Culture

Gonna have to say a bold opinion: Disney is overrated.

19 TV Personalities
20 TV Shows
21 Alcohol
22 Drugs
23 Mental Illnesses
24 Famous People

Let's be honest, we have far, FAR too many people basing their entire personalities on people that they like. They can range anywhere from Britney Spears, Cher, JK Rowling, Ted Nugent, Corpsegrinder, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, or Jesus Christ. And because we have too many people basing everything around these famous people, they act like crazy devout cultists.

25 Music
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