Top Ten "Why Do We Always...." Questions

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1 Why do we always forget where we left things?

Well, I am forgetful sometimes. Today, I almost forgot my sketchbook and had to walk to school while stuffing it in with my other things.

Most likely because we're too occupied with using this site and thinking of other stuff.

Now, where did my headphones go? I could've sworn I left them right over here...

2 Why do we always voluntarily put ourselves in avoidable situations that won't do us any good?

Because I want to learn from certain things, no matter how "bad" they may seem to be.

3 Why do we always question the meaning of life when the answer is so simple?

YES, another person who understands that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42!

Because people can't accept the deeper meaning of "42."

Well, what's the meaning of life if we live forever?

4 Why do we always want more than we have?

Because we think it will fill the gap in our souls...

Because humans are very ambitious.

5 Why do we always wait for our headaches to get so bad before taking painkillers and then moan that they haven't worked?

Same with me, just too lazy to get some ibuprofen.

I actually do this a lot...

6 Why do we always assume things before finding out the facts?

I guess it happens because it's easier to believe than to do research.

Thomas Edison didn't hire potential employees who seasoned food before tasting it. His research associates had to pass a tough interview process, which included eating a bowl of soup under the inventor's eye. If they added salt or pepper to soup they hadn't tried, Edison automatically dismissed them.

Why? Because they started out with too many assumptions. Salting before tasting was a clear sign of making decisions based on unfounded assumptions.

Here's a better question: why do we assume things and do the wrong thing before it's too late to set things right when you learn the truth?

Because we want to have an answer for everything.

7 Why do we always have to untangle our earphones before we can use them, even though we always wind them up neatly?

Here's a nice life hack. If you're lost in the woods and have your earbuds with you, put them in your pocket and take them out again. Instant fishnet.

8 Why do we always moan about the film or TV show we're watching instead of switching off or changing channel?

Sometimes, your annoying older brother likes to take the remote all for himself, leaving you to watch whatever he's watching, and he won't let you have it.

9 Why do we always end up spelling things wrong?

When we spell things wrong, the phone autocorrects it to something embarrassing.

We are probably in a rush.

10 Why do we always feel worse in the evenings when we have the flu?
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11 Why do we always have to put things in order of preference?
12 Why do we always listen to songs we know we hate?

So we can come up with even better evidence backing up our claims of hating them. And not to mention that we're terrorized by the radio airplay of such songs.

Baby - Justin Bieber. Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj. Wrecking Ball. All of you have listened to at least one, right?

13 Why do we always search Radio Disney to find music for teens?
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