Worst Body Parts

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1 Legs

All body parts serve a purpose, so you can't just say one is bad.

2 Face

When you look at the face of someone its he/she is beautiful or he/she is ugly.
But then it's the personality.

3 Breasts

I'm overweight and I hate having giant breasts and so the surgery is stupid.

They hurt, get in the way, feel gross, and get cold.

Whenever you're running

4 Butt
5 Genitals

I hate mine It is always uncomfortable and I fell like there is nothing I can do about it

6 Hair
7 Hands
8 Belly Button

Annoying we only have it because of embryo and foetus era.

Nothing wrong with it. It only looks bad on fat people.

It's become way too sexualized in today's society.

9 Teeth

I hate them because they would easily get cavities and you'd always have to brush them twice a day.

10 Belly

Sometimes you get Stomach Aches

The Contenders
11 Eye Brows
12 Eye Lashes
13 Arms
14 Eyes

You'd be blind, you wouldn't be able to see anything or you need glasses just for long distance or reading or both.

15 Toe Nails

I think this shouldn't be here. I don't think this is the worst body part.

16 Brain

Sure we need it to survive.
But then think of people with epilepsy, brain damage, any mental illness.

17 Finger Nails
18 Penis

If I was a bloke I would hate it. I prefer just sitting on the toilet.

It annoying and hard to control the pee!

19 Ears
20 Stomach
21 Spine

I hate it, It always feels uncomfortable

22 Toes

What is the purpose of these?

23 Feet

I hate my feet.

24 Nose

Noses are ugly

25 Nipples

They feel disgusting to have.

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