Top Ten Worst "Isms"

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1 Sexism

The only difference is the little bit of physical difference. Neither sex is coherently "better" than the other.

2 Racism

Nature's play shouldn't be the cause of color discrimination.

3 Ageism

A lot of adults and senior citizens discriminate and complain about the youth. The youths nowadays can't show respect to their elders.

4 Speciesism
5 Ableism
6 Weightism
7 Feminism

I have nothing against feminists that actually want gender equality. I just hate the ones that act all superior over men and are against video games just because of how women are depicted in them. The worst thing I could imagine are feminists who hate anime simply because of how women are depicted in them, despite there being a lot of strong female anime characters.

If they actually wanted to do some of the things they talk about, it would be fine. The issue is not video games. Solid Snake was designed by a creator who likes to make his male characters attractive, and he did this to pull more girls into games so that companies would make more money. It happens both ways. Girls are just more prominently sexualized because guys play games more than girls.

8 Homophobicism

Don't we normally call this homophobia?

9 Terrorism
10 Nihilism
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11 Gingerism
12 Nazism
13 Sexualism
14 Religionism

There are a lot of religions in the world. Christianity and Islam are the most hated ones.

15 Anarchism
16 Animalism
17 Heightism

Tall people die younger than short people... Oh karma...

18 Genderfluidism
19 Americanism
20 Poorism
21 Communism

Communists are losers who can't compete in the real world. They need oppressive central governments to create artificial "equality."

Only to the ignorant reactionaries and the bourgeoisie, it is.

22 Vandalism
23 Gangsterism
24 Capitalism

Capitalism kills over 25 million each year and has a kill count of over 2 billion. Yet, they complain over communism because the poor Soviets had a drought.

Capitalism causes greed. In today's world, so much of the war, famine, inequality, etc., that many people face today is due to the greed of the wealthy.

How could anyone think that capitalism should not be on the list?

25 Transgenderism
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