Top 10 Worst SJW Moments of 2018

The worst moments from our "favorite" kind of people, social justice warriors.
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1 Peter Fonda calls for Donald Trump's 12 year old son to be raped and put in a cage with pedophiles

SJWs are more racist than the so-called "racists" that they love to spread hatred towards. If you constantly try to be offended for a group of people that is not your own, you are acknowledging that you think that same group of people IS in fact lower on the societal latter and cannot fight for themselves. How about we treat every person like an actual human being and not try to put them into separate victim categories? This modern day categorization of people is the exact thing that real advocates for equality fought against in the previous century.

The Fonda family is one of the greatest families in acting history, no doubt. Henry Fonda, a legendary actor, Jane Fonda, a great actress and beautiful woman even today at 80, Bridget Fonda, a younger, but still great actress. Now, I'm not saying Peter is a bad actor, in fact, he is legendary, but this moment proves he must be sick in the head.

I'm no fan of Trump, but I'm pretty sure Peter Fonda shouldn't have said something like this in some absurd "eye for an eye" taunt of his. It may have been said just to make a point, but I can't deny social justice warriors make themselves no better by lashing out with these verbal assaults that contradict what they stand for.

So apparently Fonda's solution to separating children at the border and imprisoning them with so called "pedophiles" is imprisoning a child with pedophiles. This has to be one of the most idiotic statements I have ever heard.

2 White girl named Keziah Daum attacked for cultural appropriation after wearing culturally appreciative Chinese prom dress

You know, I wonder if that Jeremy Lam guy has ever heard of an international culture festival. Because trust me, those events exist in places like college. I'd want people to show appreciation for my Asian culture. That looney Lam guy probably just wants all the Chinese dumplings, Japanese sushi, Korean katsu rice bowls, and Vietnamese pho bowls to himself. Oh, wait. I'm sorry. I guess SJW's won't allow me to eat these Asian cuisine on the basis that I'm American despite the fact I'm of Laotian descent and therefore of Asian heritage. And even if I weren't, isn't NOT appreciating other cultures pretty much discriminating against those cultures?

The Asian/Chinese guy who complained wrote racist things about black people on Twitter too, about 2 months prior to accusing the girl.
The dress is also NOT Chinese. I don't remember the full story, but the style of dress was made by either Chinese or Americans to integrate the other culture's style to make new fashions

They just keep getting lower and lower, which proves they desperate to get people on their side. You know who wants attention so bad they will do anything for it? Spoiled kids and bratty teens

An Asian man named Jeremy Lam bullied her and literally got over 160,000 positive responses on Twitter. However, other Asian people didn't give 2 things.

3 Singer Halsey claims that hotel shampoo is sexist

As a normal human being with the slightest bit of common sense, if you take good time to think and reminisce on Halsey's claim, you will see that it makes absolutely no sense.

I like her music ok, but she needs to let go of being offended by everything. She's becoming a walking Tumblr.

Because the other client had more shampoo at the time? I really don't know how she came to this conclusion.

Many other celebrities did this, and it was a joke (albeit an unfunny one).

4 Samantha Bee uses slur against Ivanka Trump for a cute photo of her and her baby

Samantha Bee makes me ashamed to have the male equivalent to Samantha as a name! But in all seriousness, what is her problem? She needs to attack anything with the last name Trump on it it seems.

Okay for one awful comedian, I'm being very honest, and second why even bother attacking a Trump family member such a liberal move, when your show was basically irrelevant since its on TBS of all channels.

Unfortunately, liberals and SJW's all attack anything Trump or his family members do.

Who actually watches Samantha Bee, anyway?

5 BuzzFeed uploads video of a black feminist whipping white people

Black Supremacists/SJWs: "Black People are oppressed and all white people are in power! Now pay me to physically harm you and convince people that you deserve it because of what your ancestors may or may not have done to my ancestors!

Why anybody like those guys would sign up for that is beyond me in the first place, but for BuzzFeed to just.. what? It was beyond retarded. What can I expect from Buzzbois next? Eh, everything from them is stupid now, especially the racial stuff.

That's racist, just because she is a black feminist doesn't mean she has the right to whip people. Even worse, she does it to only whites people for the purpose of being racist.

Alright, I searched for the video everywhere but I can't find it. However, Hunter Avallone did a reaction video to it and it has footage of the original video in it. It's called "I found it...The Worst Buzzfeed Video"

6 Leftists demand a Disney princess who has an abortion

When I saw the Planned Parenthood Keystone tweet, I assumed that it was edited. Turns out it's actually real. A trans Disney princess? Seriously?

This is extremely not okay, they are basically demanding a Disney princess who kills someone that isn't even the villain!

Why would someone want an abortion? It's really, really painful and it's basically a messed up procedure. And targeting it to kids? Fam, get over yourself.

As if parents letting young kids play Grand Theft Auto 5 wasn't bad enough now they want to teach abortion to even younger kids.I need some bleach.

7 Michael B. Jordan and Donald Glover attacked for dating non-black women

Guess what? I have an aunt and uncle who aren't the same race who are married. And you know what? They're living happily together with two children and steady jobs. Racists are getting more vicious.

I'm happy they're being humans dating other humans. In all seriousness, isn't this SJW uproar the exact opposite of what real equality advocates fought for in the Loving v. Virginia case?

Is this really what our world has come to? Everyone can date anyone they want to, no matter what color their skin is. This is the one of the stupider things on this list.

I know a black woman and a white man who are happily married. Being different races shouldn't stop you from dating the person, as long as you both truly want to date.

8 Kelly Marie Tran having to delete her Instagram over death threats and bullying from rabid Star Wars fans

I hate The Last Jedi, but what's the point of harassing and giving out death threats to actors? Its incredibly immature and mean-spirited and It's going to get you nowhere.

Rose Tico was crap, I'll admit that, but Kelly Marie Tran isn't entirely to blame for. And yeah, I feel bad for her, considering this was her first big role from what I see in her film discography.

I'm with the 10% of the Star Wars fanbase who are calm and leave people alone. Then there's the other 90% that relentlessly attack any actor that didn't do a good job in their eyes or if they don't like a certain character. This makes me quite ashamed to be a fan of something with such a rabid fanbase.

This was a hoax. Kelly Marie Tran deleted everything from her Instagram account, but never gave a reason why. It was just assumed by idiots that harassment by sexist racist star wars fans made her do it.
In reality there is almost no reason to think this is true.

Instagram is a terrible website anyway.

9 Stan Lee accused of sexual harassment despite the fact that he has dementia and it isn't unlikely for that to happen

Hating on blacks, jews, gays, women = not okay
accusing a 95 year old man of sexual harassment = okay

Social Justice is more like Social Injustice.

Metoo is just a huge chaotic mess that shouldn't happen.

Only at the bottom because we shouldn't keep it going.

This claim was just outrageous.

10 Making the Boy Scouts let girls join BUT not letting boys join Girl Scouts

I had to fight my friend over this.. kinda went like:
I brought up that girl scouts could join boy scouts, but boys couldn't join boy scouts; I said that this was pretty stupid. He then called me sexist for that. I said in response that It would be fine if they let boys join girls' but as the title says... Even if that were the case, somebody till had to screw it all up! As usual, with everything, people just HAVE to go where they don't belong. WHY would a girl need to go to Boy Scouts, in what world does that make sense? I'd say I don't care but I'm typing this so I obvs do, but still, not a big deal to me. Now that this whole thing happened, I hear they're just making Kids Scouts now. Good job people, you screwed it up, it this what you wanted? This planet has some stupid people on it who need to stay where they literally (not sexist, obviously) belong. People need to think with their minds and not with whatever they are now, because it's certainly not a brain.

This is stupid because if the girls can join the boy scouts but the boys can't join the girl scouts, then that goes against what we all are fighting for so much nowadays: equality.

Oh no, there was one that was even worse that said that we should just take out the "Boy" part. So what? They're the Scouts?

Um, why? It's called BOY scouts for a reason. And if girls can join Boy Scouts, why can't boys join Girl Scouts?

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11 John Terauds calls for the removal of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from modern society because it's supposedly against modern ideals of diversity

NO Ode to Joy should not be removed. Not only that Beethoven and Schiller would be disgusted and angry if has lived to present day but this is insult to Europe and European Union. I think that John Terauds hate Europe.

"We have the 19th-century ideal of strength in unity �" expressed in the "Ode to Joy" �" scraping up uneasily against a 21st-century ideal of strength in diversity. The change in perspective makes some people afraid and angry. It makes others hopeful and optimistic."

You mean there are pieces of art that challenges thought? Gasp! This is ridiculous.

Ode to Joy...I read the lyrics and I don't see anything suggesting it's against diversity. It just seems like a song about being happy.

How can anybody hate that piece? It's the most beautiful thing straight from heaven!

12 Nate and Julie Sharpe call their kids "theybies" until they choose their gender

*At the Hospital
Doctor: It's a bo-
Julie sharpe: Don't Say it! We are the one's choosing our child's gender. How dare you try dictating us you disgusting homophobe!
Doctor: But.. if you look pay attention to the child, you can see he has the genitalia of a
Julie Sharpe: Don't you dare talk back to me! We get to chose their gender. Genitalia dosen't matter!

This is obviously going to be incredibly confusing for the child as they start to grow, especially when applying for school.

Oh dear...What has this world come to? Also, calling babies," Theybies " is just weird.

Yeah, why would you choose a gender. You can't, you're born the way you are. This whole "theybie" thing is outrageous.

13 XxxTentacion makes a video lynching a white kid and YouTube lets it go viral

Nah, triple X did that last year. He's probably doing it to shock the watchers because he does that type of thing.

He did this in 2017 but I'm not surprised because he usually tries to do shocking things.

Actually, 3X did the video was intentional. Not to mention it was from 2017 and he's dead.

He said that the video was supporting All Lives Matter.

14 Removing Confederate monuments across the United States

So, SJW's want to end racism, but they attack two black men for dating non-black women. That was hands down racist, yet with the monuments, they claim they're racist and rally for them to be taken down. In reality, the monuments tell us about the past and how we should never go back to when times were like those. I feel they're trying to erase history, which you can't. People need to know the Confederates existed so they set an example on why we should never go back to what we did in the 1860's.

This is like trying to get the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience shut down because it's "racist against Asians". We have these things because we need to remember the mistakes we mad towards PoC & to not repeat them again, not because we're "racist". And I'm speaking as a PoC myself, so you can't call me racist ( and even if I was white, I wouldn't be).

Woah, the last comment I made was kinda outrageous. I don't know what or why I made the comment I deleted, still history should be preserved at all costs.

Why? We need history, even if it's bad history. People need to learn the Confederate's existed, even if they were bad people.

15 The UK Trump Protests

Hey United Kingdom why don't you stick to your own country's politics. And in case you forgot, your opinions on politics in the United States basically became irrelevant when Americans wrote the greatest breakup letter of all time called the Declaration of Independence in 1776

Here's a message to those in the U.K. who protested against Trump. Worry about your own politics. Don't get involved with ours, stick with yours please.

Whenever I saw these clowns protest, it reminds me on how Great Britain went from dominating 1/4 of the world to becoming the size of Michigan.

Wasn't this supposed to happen in USA instead? UK should focus on its own politics.

16 Sky Pegasus Readings Defending Foalcon/MLP Child Pornography and Calling it "Free Speech."

If you like child pornography you deserve to have your balls set on fire.

What the hell? That's not free speech. That's illegal and disgusting.

More like "hate speech"!

I am NOT kidding. He actually, besides knowing producing child pornography ("foalcon" is an MLP fandom term for pornography featuring child MLP characters) and giving the MLP fandom and all bronies/fanfiction writers/readers a bad name, tried to defend his illegal, sick obscene content as "free right and free speech", calling the opinions of people who were rightfully attacking him as "really silly", and claiming stupid crap like "if these groups of people wanna live in a world where everything is so strictly regulated and policed, I guarantee you they won't enjoy their time when they can't leave their house whenever they want or if the government tells them what cereal to eat or what to do".

Wow, what a dumbass retard you are Sky, your pathetic excuses have NOTHING to do with us rightfully calling you out for being a criminal scumbag and breaking the law by producing illegal stories that appeal to the prurient interest, depict or describes, in an offensive way, minor/children ...more

17 The UK banning memes

Don't really care for memes but there's no need to ban them.

I don't even like memes that much, but why ban them?

Who came up with this?

My country... banned memes?
*cries like some sorta 8 year old into a,pillow*

18 A proposal in Scotland to make Drag Queens illegal because they "make fun of transgender women"

Transwomen = Women who were born men and identify as female. Can dress masculine, feminine, or androgynously.
Drag Queens = Men who enjoy dressing up as women. Usually very extravagant/feminine. Still identify as men outside of their jobs.
If you see a dude in a dress and think "transwoman" maybe that's your problem

This is just mind-boggling to no end.

19 Canada wanting reverse segregation on buses as in a White person would have to give up there seat for a minority as a reverse of what happened with Rosa Parks

People of colour are a large portion of Canada's population. They will probably become a majority soon and it might be like a long time ago again but the races reversed. Segregation is not the answer to equality and inclusiveness.

So it's reverse racism then. Quite a hypocritical statement, don't you think?

Reverse racism is still racism. This solves nothing.

Can I have a Justin Trudeau mannequin, so I can kick him in the nuts

20 Halsey complains about the lack of transgender models at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Shampoo girl returns

21 Arrest of Billy Charlton

He called some rapist gang "animals" and now he's being arrested for hate speech because those rapists happened to be Pakistani. Political correctness is killing the UK. I'm a staunch UKIP supporter because of this

He called them "animals" for their actions, not their nationality!

22 Justin Trudeau making improper use of pronouns illegal
23 Ninja Gets accused of hating women
24 Leftist wants to make Elsa from Frozen a lesbian

Too late, the Internet already did it.

They're too slow, Internet did the job.

If you ask me, I think Elsa is asexual.

Why don't they just ask for an original movie with an LGBTQ+ main character though?

25 Alt-right Redditors sabotage online ratings of Black Panther

Was an okay movie and I'm right-leaning, so I don't see why they would. Marvel or whoever did this needs to chill with the movies, on an unrelated note.

Alt-righters are anything but SJWs. This belongs on some "worst alt-right moments" list.

The alt-right is the new SJW.

Infinity War was better

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