Top Ten Worst Times to Get Sick

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1 During an Exam

It will be doomed ya know...

2 In the Middle of a Birthday Party

I was sick on my 2010 birthday party and I puked on my cake while everyone was singing happy birthday, the cake had to be thrown away

3 At a Sleep Over
4 In a Plane
5 While Giving Birth
6 In the Middle of a Movie at the Cinema
7 During an Audition
8 In the Middle of an Olympic Event
9 When on a Date
10 On your birthday

I was sick on my 2010 birthday I remember I puked lots and I went to school and puked on the floor, I got sent home sick, then I puked on my cake when I thought I was feeling better to have a party, my cake was chocolate cake I was looking forward to eating it, it had to be thrown out since my puke was on the cake

Today is my birthday and I am sick and puking, I was laying in bed, and I even puked on my birthday cake, I was looking forward to eating, it had to go in the garbage since I puked all over it

In 2015 I was sneezing not stop on my birthday, and it was really annoying

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11 On Christmas Day

I almost got sick on Christmas 2021; my legs are hurting before Christmas Eve 2021, so I have to take a pill that stops the pain in my legs, men I didn't get to eat green beans without throwing up easily.

I've never been sick actually on Christmas, but I have gotten sick a few times a few days after Christmas.

This happened to both my mom and her boyfriend.

I got sick on Mother's Day once...

12 At a Wedding
13 On a fun Field Trip Day

Once I got sick on a field trip I was looking forward for weeks, I remember in the morning on the way to the field trip, I puked on the bus, the bus was near school, the bus turned around and dropped me off at school, then I got sent home, instead of going on the field trip, I cried because it was an exciting field trip I had to miss.

I was once sick during a field trip in grade 6 when it was track and field it sucked

14 Winter Break

This happened to me twice during winter break 2019 - 2020 and again during my 2021 - 2022 winter break.

I was sick during winter break in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

15 At Your Graduation

Nothing is worse than this. I'm not saying this happened to me but this should be #1 or at least in the top 5.

16 On Halloween

Once I was stick on halloween and puked while trick or treating 3 times that I had to go home early

I was sick on Halloween 2009 when I was 3 years old. :'(

At least I got to go trick or treating that day.

17 On the last day of school

Back in June 2017, I got sick a few days before the last day of school and had to miss out on some of the fun end of the year 5th grade activities I had been looking forward to.

That would suck to be sick on the last day of school, at least it never happened to me

18 Over the Weekend
19 At a Concert
20 While Having Sex
21 Before a Concert
22 Before a School Play

It would be a unfortunate. I couldn't imagine it.

23 Before vacation
24 On the last day of summer break
25 At a Hockey Game
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