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I have now gotten to the point where I have reached 100 lists already. Now it's time for you to decide which is the best list I have created on this website.
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1 Top Ten Funniest Slogan Fails

This one got so much success that it even was a featured list! What are the possibilities of that happening? It would be what I would consider the peak of my time on thetoptens, while bringing humour to many other Toptenners brightening their day.

I remember this list - it was funny!

I love this list.

Jolly Ranchers: keep on sucking!

2 Strangest City Names in North America

Who would've known there was a city called Saint Louis-Du-Ha! Ha! or Accident?! This was worthy of the third spot in the popular new lists, showing humourous and odd names of places that we will be left questioning why they named it that.

3 Top Ten Video Games that Were Ruined by Their Fanbases

Of course there is such a thing as being to popular, and these games have fallen to it. This was my first list on this current account and has gained some attention. Not my most popular list, but it still gained the audience That I wanted it too

4 Top Ten Types of People Who Should Be Banned from Deviantart

It's no longer a surprise that deviant art has become a cringe generator. It has now gotten many types of people that make visitors want to throw up or something like that. So I made this list about these people who should be banned away from this art gallery

5 Top Ten Things that Should Have Been in YouTube Rewind 2017

Yes, this rewind was pretty bad, but was actually better than 2016's Rewind in my opinion. However, it was still missing A LOT of things, like Youtubers who actually matter, a section for the gaming community, and Relevant memes.

6 Top Ten TopTenners of February 2018

When you beat everyone else to a monthly toptenner ranking list, watch how many users get added to the very list.

7 Top Ten Countries Mainly Known for Their History

I sometimes do lists about Nations, but I did not expect to be in the trending lists at the time that this list was new.

8 Top Ten NFL Teams with the Most Unique Color Scheme

I'm Surprised no one actually made a list about the colors of Teams in the National football league, but I did these list cause I'm creative.

9 Top Ten NFL Teams with the Worst Color Scheme

This goes for the same as Top Ten NFL Teams with the most unique color scheme. Somehow this is more popular. Negative hatred must be considered to decreased

10 Top Ten Countries Mainly Known for Their Culture

Same things as the list of nations of countries mainly known for history. Yeah, I took a trip into the matrix of ideas for world lists

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