Top Ten Best Lists by TheTopTens User darthvadern (100th List Special)

Hello, hello toptenners, this is darthvadern and this is my 100th list on TheTopTens, and to celebrate it I made this list, the best lists made by me, it was the best list I could think off for a 100th list special.

I have really enjoyed being on this site, I have really loved being here, I usually spend at least one hour on this site everyday, I found this site back in late 2016 when I wanted to see Mario Kart lists and so, it wasn't until January 8th 2017 that I made an account. And ever since then I have grown into the user I am now, from a Pokemon and Star Wars fan, to a Shrek The Third lover to a Kung Fu Panda 3 fanboy to a Zootopia basher/NOTN defender to a country lover to a Despicable Me 3 praiser and might change a bit in the future too, I have really grown as a user I feel and hope to be better in the future.

Even though I have made 100 lists on this site by now, it was pretty hard to think out which lists that should be at the top and so on, but as usually, you can add some items yourself if you feel like your favorite darthvadern list didn't make it to the list. Without further ado, let's start.

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1 Top Ten Best Lists by TheTopTens User darthvadern (100th List Special)

Irony - PageEmperor

Why not.

My favorite list so far. - darthvadern

2 Top Ten Facts About TheTopTens User darthvadern

This was the list that no one seemed to care about, but explained some things about me. Not much to say here. - darthvadern

3 Top Ten Movies TheTopTens User darthvadern Loves More Than Anyone Else

This was the list that made everyone believe they had read a troll site, this was the first list that told that I liked Norm of the North (2016), I have loved the movie very long, But I want to say, I do NOT consider it a masterpiece, and I think a 6 or 7 of 10 score fits the movie in my opinion. - darthvadern

4 Top Ten Reasons girlcool is a Great User

That's nice - randomtoptenuser

I feel like I defended a user that was recieving annoying hate. - darthvadern

5 Top Ten Most Underrated 2017 Animated Movies

I made this list in response to the lis Overrated Aniamted Movies of 2017. - darthvadern

6 Top Ten Movies that People Love that Aren't that Good

My most popular list, I think. - darthvadern

7 Top Ten Funniest Characters from Pixar Movies
8 Top Ten Disney Animated Villains of the 2010s

After I was making so many country lists, I took a break from country lists and went back to making movie lists. But as I said in that list, I might do some more country lists (If I have plans for those lists). - darthvadern

9 Top Ten Lego Star Wars Battle Packs

My first ever list on TheTopTens, therefore it should be on the list, it was back in the day when I used to be a Star Wars fan who never shat up about it and I loved lego so much, Lego City and Lego Star Wars were my favorite lego themes. - darthvadern

10 Top Ten Coolest Weak Pokemon

Back when I was obsessed with Star Wars and Lego, I was also obssesed with Pokemon, this was my fourth list on TheTopTens. - darthvadern

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