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JustinBIEBERLOVER wants to piss everyone off, so she'll make lists to get cheap attention. How narcissistic can you get? Even users like Andre56 and SelfDestruct is more liked because at least they have opinions. - Pony

The ironic thing about this is that you don't even have 10 lists... - Minecraftcrazy530

None of these lists are good - EpicJake

It's top 10, yet you only made 8 lists... - naFrovivuS

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2 Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber

Nope. That list made me puke. The only thing I learned from that list is you love Justin's penis.

Um, my only question is, "Why does that list even exist? " - RockFashionista

More like WORST body parts of the worst singer Justin Bieber

No. That list gives me nightmares. - Powerfulgirl10

I want to delete my JBL comments so bad. What happened to the edit/delete buttons? - Powerfulgirl10

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3 Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better than the Beatles

Perhaps the most revolutionary list ever conceived on this site. It shows how many people can fall for trolls and exposes the true lack of intellect contained within the community on The Top Tens. It is an underrated list, for JustinBIEBERLOVER proved herself to be a very, very good troll.

The worst list known to man... I'll probably join this awesome sight when I'm older... I don't know...

There's more to this list than meets the eye: it highlights just how bad the community at TTT is. - Puga

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4 Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Gravity Falls

More like Top Ten Reasons Why Gravity Falls is BETTER than Justin Bieber

Is she a really good troll or a die-hard fan? It's hard to tell on the Internet. - Anonymousxcxc

Gravity Falls needs to to be underrated now because nothing is worster than this show. I'll stick to JB and stuff

We should crossover! - bugger

No! Gravity Falls is good and you should get off of this website now! - Skullkid755

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5 Top Ten People On TheTopTens Who Should Like Justin Biber

No this list is pure trolling - EpicJake

This an offensive list built to upset - jmepa1234

I should definitely NOT like him, - P-51IsDaBest

Who's Justin Biber? - MrMonkey

6 Top Ten People Who Should Date PositronWildhawk V 1 Comment
7 Top Ten Reasons To Like I Heart Band Books V 1 Comment
8 Top Ten Best Quotes by Justin Bieber
10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than The Rolling Stones
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