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1 Top 10 Reasons Why 0 Is the Best Number In Math

It's the easiest one! Very original list by the way (well reasons why 4 is better than 5 by Pos is similar but whatever) - Songsta41

2 Top 10 Reasons Why Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Justin Bieber

Stop hating this list. I completely agree that Hitler is better in some ways (except that he killed Jews)

The list didn't go as expected. Now I regret making that list.

No. Only because I couldn't back it up at first. I don't regret it anymore.

This was one of the worst lists on TheTopTens, period. - Therandom

Not saying he is, but it takes guts to make that list. - Songsta41

3 Top 10 TheTopTens Users Who Hate Nicki Minaj

Who on this site hates her? The only users that hater her are Velitelcabal and the users that aren't Velitelcabal - Songsta41

4 Worst Things About the List "Reasons Why Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Justin Bieber"

And to cover it up immediately. - Songsta41

Therandom made a list similar to this hours before I did. That was a coincidence.

5 Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Is Better Than Twerking

Umm... It is but what do they have to do with each other? Whatever, it's better than adventure time > ebola. - Songsta41

6 Best Units In Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
7 Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens User 05yusuf09 Is Better Than Nicki Minaj
8 Top Ten Reasons Why Tom and Jerry Is Better Than One Direction
9 Top Ten Things People Get Discriminated For

I think this is my best list so far...

10 Top Ten Facts About TheTopTens User Velitelcabal

I don't really like these kinds of lists, but he only has 11 to choose from - Songsta41

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11 Top Ten Most Traffic Congested Cities In the World
12 Top Ten Reasons Why E-Books Are Better Than Books
13 Top Ten Reasons Why 10 Is Overrated
14 Worst Things About North Korea
15 Top 10 Most Absurd Metal Subgenres That Don't Exist
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