Top Ten Lists Donald Trump Would Make If He Had a TheTopTens Account

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1 Top Ten Reasons Why Mexico Should Agree to Help Building the Wall

Liberal or conservative, you have to admit this is hilarious - RoseWeasley

First item and I already love this list. It's hilarious

I would vote for "SPEEDY GONZALES LOLOLOL" - Maddox121

LOL Lmao

2 Top 10 People That Should Vote Trump
3 Top Ten Worst Democrats In 2016
4 Top Ten Businessmen Trump Would Wanna Cope With
5 Top Ten Reasons Why Trump Should Be President

But he already is? - Userguy44

6 Top Ten Reasons Every President In History Was a Fraud
7 Top Ten Mexicans That Hate the Trump Family

That would be all of them - TwilightKitsune

8 Top Ten Walls That Look Good by Mexico and America

Okay, I'm so sorry I laughed at that. - RockFashionista

9 Top Ten North Koreans Trump Should Invite Over to Make Mexicans Go Away
10 Top Ten Reasons Why Trump Should Be a Trillionaire

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11 Reasons Trump Should Date His Daughter
12 Top Ten Reasons why Donald Trump is a God
13 Top Ten Reason Why SpongeBob Should Help Donald Trump
14 Top Ten Reason Why You Should Build a Wall for Donald Trump
15 Top 10 Reasons Why North Korea is Better Than Mexico
16 Top 10 Reasons Covfefe
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