Top Ten Lists Hillary Clinton Would Make If She Had a TheTopTens Account

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1 10 Ways Not to Store Your Emails

"I haven't tried these, a friend told me about them" - Martinglez

2 Top 10 Things Hillary Clinton Did in Her Career
3 Top 10 Emails Deleted by Bill Clinton
4 Top 10 Worst Lies Donald Trump Said
5 Top 10 Ways to Delete Emails Fast
6 Top Ten Ways to Lose Florida to a Republican
7 Top Ten Ways to Hide Emails

Best one on the list! Lmao

8 Top Ten Landslides Republicans Won't Miss
9 Top Ten Ways to Make Snowflakes Cry
10 Top Ten Ways to Win 3 Debates

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11 Top Ten Ways to Win the Alt-Left Over
12 Top Ten Ways to Get Pokemon Go to the Polls
13 Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is the Best Choice for President
14 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Have Won the 2016 Election
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