Top 10 Lists NuMetalManiak Should Do a Full-Fledged List Analysis On

I really enjoy NMM's list analysises so I'm just curious if he might analyze these lists in the future.

Note: He doesn't have to analyze these lists if he doesn't want to so please don't spam him with requests. Let him be because that's a douchebag move.

The Top Ten Lists NuMetalManiak Should Do a Full-Fledged List Analysis On

1 Best Nu-Metal Bands
2 Best RPG Video Games
3 Top 10 Awful and Annoying Celebrities
4 All-time Worst People in History
5 Best Movies of All Time
6 Top Ten Best Books of All Time
7 Worst Things About Rap Music
8 Hottest Women in the World
9 Top Ten Most Dangerous Animals
10 Top Ten Dumbest People In History

The Contenders

11 Top 10 Reasons Why Christianity Is Terrible
12 Top Ten Most Disturbing Fetishes
13 Greatest Things Ever
14 Top Ten Metal Sub Genres
15 Top Ten Best Cartoons
16 Top 10 Smartest People In History
17 Top Ten Predictions About the Future
18 Best Heavy Metal Band Mascots
19 Top 10 Weirdest Facts
20 Top Ten Best YouTube Channels
21 Scariest Movies of All Time
22 Top Ten Weirdest Bands of All Time
23 Scariest Songs Ever Written
24 Funniest Movies of All Time
25 Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber
26 Worst Mobile Phone Apps
27 Greatest People of All Time
28 Top Ten Best Fandoms
29 Greatest Anime of All Time
30 Top 10 Funniest Stand-up Comedians
31 Top Ten Coolest People in the World
32 Top Ten Worst Days
33 Most Underrated Things
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