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1 Most Hated Countries

Glad to see Israel so high up on the list

I can tell this list has racist comments. - TopTenTed

I'm a white american and Chinese, South Korean, Japanese and Indonesian hate comments from this site somehow offended me

Really biased and over reliant on stereotypes. - Supersalsa

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2 Top Ten Reasons Not To Be Gay/Lesbian

I found this list real offensive as a person who is bi! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Worst list ever

This list isn't bad.

Oh, yeah. A list hating people for something they can't control is FINE. - RoseWeasley

The idiot who made that list should be EXTERMINATED!

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3 Worst Religions

Wether real or fake, people's beliefs shouldn't be ranked, I might not agree with any religion but even to me ranking them as worst just isn't right. - Aceto

Look, Islam is not the worst religion, neither is Christianity! We need to not judge these

Who made this list? A modern-day Hitler? - jmepa1234

This makes sense to have. It is not a good toptens list but still..

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4 Girls You Would Want to See Naked

This list is creepy and makes me feel uncomfortable. - myusernameisthis

That's creepy... - Misfire

I visited this list thinking "I am going to visit all of these! " But this one is an exception. - The_Random_Content_Guy

weird - BloDayBey

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5 Reasons Why Anime Sucks

The reasons are either opinions ("it is boring), recycled ("bad writing" is reused several times), or have nothing to do with anime ('weeaboos'). - Supersalsa

I'm neutral with anime, but it's just my opinion and don't get mad at me. - JoeBoi

But anime sucks - GerryIsHere

It's an opinion, but at least give valid reasons. - XxembermasterxX

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6 Top 10 Penis Shapes

*Drinks bleach* - MorlaTurtle8

That is disgusting - The_Random_Content_Guy

Your penis should only have one shape. If it's a different shape,you should see a doctor ASAP

It was rlly tough for me to decide between this and "Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't be Gay or Lesbian", but I decided voting this one would bring less controversy. Plus it's REALLY desgusting

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7 Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity Is Terrible

Eh. This doesn't bother me too much. While I get how it might offend some people, everyone should be allowed to express their own opinion. If you don't like it, don't click on the list

People should not bash religions. I am a Christian and I was offended by the list. Most of the arguments are fake, or they go back to the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church already had apologized for what happened in the Middle Ages. So, this list needs to be removed. - Spandy4Eva

This is not a response just a comment: Christianity and Judaism are perhaps the best to be. I mean, you can do want you want, it doesn't promote violence, its followers are not ruthless toward other religions, and women actually have rights - opinionated4

Why was this list ever created look I know it might sound to fake but there's evidence and I know someone's gonna reply back to me about this comment but the world is only gonna get worse which means there will be less Christians I don't even call this a religion nor any religion that deals with God cause religion is a belief and God is not a belief it's a true person and everything else about this so called religion like Jesus and the bible and all of those stories it's all TRUE!

Who ever thinks this, go to hell and DIE of the worst death possible! - Nightkillo

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8 Top 10 Reasons to Not Like Homosexuals

Very stupid list.

Hate the sin love the sinner - namesnipe


Don't tease these people - TENTACRUEL

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9 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

The worst list I have ever read. - MorlaTurtle8

Who want to make a list like this, that's horrible, and child abuse should say illegal

*shakes head* Piplup, we need to have a talk. - RoseWeasley

Worst list ever - BorisRule

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10 Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018

What an awful list! - MorlaTurtle8

Gee, this is on the 2nd page? Nah, get it to the top 20. Oh wait, lists that should be removed. Okay, I still think the list should stay so that the person who made it might look back and eventually regret his mistake, but this should still be higher up because that list was just bad. - PageEmperor

Why wasn't this list removed again?

Everyone on the list were innocent people - DrayTopTens

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? Top 10 Characters' Feet to Tickle
? Top 10 Reasons Why Albert Einstein is Stupid

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11 Most Annoying Things About Kids

Not a bad list. You may like kids but they still have flaws. Top Ten Reasons To Hate Kids is a way worse list. - DrayTopTens

This is an awful list talking about every single kid when it only applies to kids being portrayed in sitcoms and just a few kids in real life.

This list is just outright terrible. It's just filled with people who romanticize and reminisce their childhood and how they feel that kids these days are terrible. Talk about being close-minded... - styLIShT

It judges ever kid, I'm thankful for what I have and I'm 9

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12 Reasons to Hate Boys

This list is sexist. It even said that " Boys are sexist" when this list is sexist, and it's hypocritical, it even said that " They judge girls by their looks" but then it said "They're ugly" so it's fine for girls to judge boys by their. And it even said that " They insult girls" when this list is insulting boys. I had enough with these sexist lists like this! - MorlaTurtle8

What about " Reasons to hate the person who MADE this "? - Nightkillo

Even though I'm female, I still find this list offensive. by the way I'm referring to the list of "Reasons to Hate Boys". Respect every gender, please. - PhilTheCorgi

This list is sexist

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13 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Nintendo

Some of the reasons are valid, but lots have nothing to do with Nintendo ("their fans). Also, you can clearly tell they ran out of ideas very quickly ("Sonic Boom") - Supersalsa

If you don't like Nintendo, what's the problem?! - BorisRule

It's mostly the fault of the overprotective fans. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but someone has a right to express their hate about something. This is why I hate most Nintendo fans. They're all like: "Nintendo saved the gaming industry, now LIKE IT." or they're all, "Stupid gamer with no childhood. You don't even know any classics. You are probably just some low-life idiot Call of Duty player that cusses every five seconds." The thing I hate most about the fans is the fact that if you don't like this one company, then you are called a hater, troll, Call of Duty fanboy, or are cussed at. First of all, even though I don't like Call of Duty, it makes me sick to see such bias within that gaming community. Not all of them cuss, are 9-year-olds, or act "gangsta". This is just a couple of the reasons why I hate the Nintendo Fanbase. They are probable one of the most immature and full of themselves. They always complain about others, but have they ...more - BlueTopazIceVanilla

What? Top ten reasons to hate the user who made this list.

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14 Annoying Things About Girls

Sexist. - Supersalsa

Very sexist and very offensive to girls. - PhilTheCorgi

I’m Male, and I am even saying that this list is the worst list ever. Get rid of it this instant.

It has disgusting stereotypes which is not even what most girls do anyway. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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15 Top 10 Cartoon Characters That Should Catch Ebola

Well, first thing, Ebola is not funny to joke about because think about it, people die from that disease every day. But in this case, it's fine. - JoeBoi

That's just not ok - BreakFastBeast2005

A racist white jerk made this list. - Gabo147

This isn't cool because of the children dying in africa from this

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16 Worst People on The Top Tens

If this list still existed, lets just say I'd be pretty high up there

NO! Bring this back because I want to be number 1.-DarkBoi-X

Um, rude. I hope I'm not on there, because I can go look at that list. If somebody put me on there, I would cry. - PhilTheCorgi

Thank god this was gone before I joined or someone would've put my name on it.

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17 Reasons Why Japanese Anime is Worse Than American Cartoons

So...You are saying that Sanjay and Craig is objectively better than One Piece? - Supersalsa

Even though I perfer cartoons over anime I still don't mind waqtching both as long as it has good content - GentlemanJonathan

I just want this list gone because of all the fat cringy weebs getting triggered

Everyone has opinions. Stop hating them. - Gabo147

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18 Top 10 Singers Who Should Catch Ebola
19 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola

Adventure Time is better than Ebola. Ebola is a deadly disease. Adventure Time is a cartoon. Which do you think is better? - The_Random_Content_Guy

To be fair just about everything is better than Ebola

This list is really funny

20 Worst Countries

Seriously some terrorist made this list

21 Worst Popular Anime

Bassically just "overrated" in the form of an unnecessary list. - Supersalsa

It's basically a list of the most overrated anime. It's just titled incorrectly. - styLIShT

That is the worst oxymoron I have ever heard in my life. How are anime series viewed as the worst when a lot of people actually like them?

You must now know the definition of Biased because that is what you are. - aarond90

So calling anime overrated means biased? Not liking it means biased? Why, is it because it's not the same as your opinion.

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22 Reasons the List "Reasons Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol" Shouldn't Have Been Removed

Well that's because alcohol is a very harmful substance to your health, and much deadlier to children. - JoeBoi

23 Reasons Why Female Should Be the Only Gender

Sexist! - Limeyy

Sexist! - BorisRule

Sexist! - ZootopiaFan

24 Reasons Why Stephen Hawking Deserved to Die

Piplup, what did he ever do to you? - BorisRule

If this list exist. That is just so wrong. What did he ever do to you? - westofohio

25 Best Big Brother Contestants

Big Brother is my favorite show. Why would this be bad? - The_Random_Content_Guy

"Big Brither sucks" is not a legitimate reason a list should be removed. There is no evidence this list is hurting anyone, thus, this list should not be removed.

Opinion again - jmepa1234

Should be remove right now - BigBrotherSucks

26 Characters Who Should Beat Up Star Butterfly

Add every DylanRob list!

Why Star?

27 Top 10 Least Harmful Illegal Drugs

The drugs are harmful no matter what, that's why they're illegal. - Supersalsa

If it's illegal then it is obviously harmful. Common sense people.

28 Countries With the Ugliest People

I'm Filipino-American & I don't look a thing like they described. - RoseWeasley

29 Top 10 Reasons to Not Like Atheists

Not all atheists are bad dude! - BorisRule

I'm an atheist, that's rude. I believe we should like people for who they are in the inside, not what they believe in or look like. - JustMonika

Atheists are like everyone else, they just don't believe in any gods.


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30 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

But how do you know how their farts smell if you don't know them irl? - PhilTheCorgi

Hey! It was just a joke! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah. Whether it's a joke or not, don't be making lists like this ever again. It's rude and disgusting. - PhilTheCorgi

31 Top 10 Funniest Things That xandermartin98 Has Masturbated To

Why isn't this higher? , This list is TERRIBLE - B1ueNew

32 Reasons to Hate Girls

I am a boy, and that's very sexist. - Gabo147

33 Ways To Kill Justin Bieber

Just because you hate Justin Bieber doesn't mean you should make death threats about him. Death threats could get you arrested. Don't say anything like "I'm gonna kill Justin Bieber", just because you hate him. You still gotta be respectful to him, whether you like him or not. - PhilTheCorgi

How about Ways To Kill haters of Justin Bieber.
Haters of Justin Bieber are so angry, all the hate lists.

Why do people have to express their hatred on Justin Bieber so much. This could get very old someday. - JoeBoi

He isn't the best guy, nor musician for that matter, but this is a bit of an overreaction, don't you think? - Cyri

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34 People and Fictional Characters Who Should Get Cancer
35 Reasons Why Stephen Hillenburg Deserved to Die
36 Top 10 People Who Despise Jackie Evancho
37 Characters Who Would Enjoy The Human Centipede

Nobody knows if the characters would enjoy it unless the creators explicitly state it.

Why would any of the characters on the list want to watch a movie with people forced to eat crap?! - ZootopiaFan

38 Top 10 People Who Should Get Executed
39 Top 10 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Should've Died in the Manchester Attack

What is with this website and offending the lives of many?!

Oh this is awful. - JoLeKosovo

LINKINPARKNICKELBACK4EVA, you may dislike someone's music, however, wishing for her to die in a terrorist attack is quite extreme.

40 Most Hated Asian Countries

I've seen this list before, and it's racist. - PhilTheCorgi

South Korea is number 1 on that list thanks to those DAMN Japanese trolls! They really need to SHUT UP!...I'm not Korean though...that list just pisses me off

I feel bad that South Korea is number 1 on that list!

Can't we just burn that list along with Most Hated Countries? These two lists in particular should be REMOVED!

Have some popular user convince the admin to do so, but they seemed like no. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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41 Characters Who Should Beat Up Dobby the House Elf

In order to do that, you'll need a time machine - ZootopiaFan

What no! Dobby is a cool guy srew the one who made that list he should kill him self

42 Best TheTopTens Users

How is this a bad list? - Userguy44

43 Top Ten Worst Things About Japan

This list is fine, as long as you give some good reasons. I know every country has some good things and some bad things. - JoeBoi

44 Top Ten Things People Should Hate

It's called an opinion. - Supersalsa

They force us to hate something we like - Neonco31

Have to and Should hate are all the same thing. - ZZDOORAL

Not really. "Have to" means requirement. "Should" means encouragement.

It's not like it's saying "Reasons why You HAVE to hate." - funnyuser

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45 Best One Direction Songs

It's their OPINION. I don't want best marilyn manson songs removed because I love Marilyn and it's my opinion. Just like how they like one direction.

What's wrong with it? I don't listen their songs, but don't One Direction fans could make this one list. - zxm

Again, opinion. They've had hits that aren't terrible.

What's wrong with this? I am no Dirctioner, but respect others for there favorite songs.

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46 Top Ten People Who Should Date PositronWildhawk

Jesus christ stop.shipping toptenners

Lol what if he saw this

47 Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
48 Top Ten People Who Should Like Justin Bieber

Wasn't it JUSTINBIEBERLOVER who made this one? By the way, we can like what we want... - WheresMyGuitarPick

Aw cringe

49 Top Ten Worst Animals

Come on, guys. Learn to love animals. - PhilTheCorgi

50 Most Overrated Users On TheTopTens

This list was removed. Even though the list wasn't targeted at the users and overrated doesn't mean bad (the list wasn't that bad in my opinion), I'm still glad it was taken from the site because of the way people were using it. That's why the list got removed. And yetthe Most Hated Countries list, which is way more offensive by the way, still hasn't been removed! What!

Another thing Admin does that I hate is he censors words and won't allow swearing. On my comment on this item about the removal of the overrated users list, I typed what (the three-letter acronym for "what the f@#$", just in case he changes it again, which he probably will), and he changed it to simply "what", which just looks stupid.

The list is turning into a bullying center. - Spandy4Eva

Isn't it already removed? - zxm

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