Top 10 Lists That Should Be Removed from TheTopTens

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1 Most Hated Countries

This list is very misunderstood. The title meant about countries that received too much hate on the pat and received a lot of bad reputation. The real racist list is "Worst Countries" not this one.

Also "Most Hated Asian Countries " as well should also be removed from this site! That one is also related to this particular list! That one is very offensive as well as this list! And guess which Asian country was upvoted the most on that list and mainly number 1...It's South Korea! And it's all thanks to those DAMN Japanese trolls who DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP! They always down-vote anything that is Anti-Japanese ans keep up-voting Anti-Korean and Chinese so much! It's VERY ANNOYING that South Korea is number 1 on that list!

This list and reasons not to be gay. And worst religions, and #5, and #6. The people who wrote these lists are crazy and rude. I forgot #8. Ten Reasons why Christianity is terrible. That is offensive, since I am a Christian born into a Christian family. That is just really offensive and saddening that anyone would write these lists. They should be deleted from TheTopTens record book. Thanks, egnomac, for creating this list so people can see how bad they are if they created them. I support you fully!

Shaking my head. There's nothing particularly wrong about it. Judging by the title alone, it meant nations that had a bad reputation around the world. Not pointing out a particular flaw about a certain country or anything. But I do agree that the comments went overboard with the concept though.

2 Top Ten Reasons Not To Be Gay/Lesbian

In the end of the day, we have something called free speech in the internet that doesn't involve shielding yourself from things like this. No matter how disagreeable this and other reason-based items in this list are.

If someone were to make a top ten reasons not to be black people would call that racist and offensive that's the same feeling most people should feel about this list.

This list is just plain offensive. They say the "being a homosexual isn't a choice" is annoying, yet the "gays should go to hell" thing isn't? Total bull.

It's perfectly fine if the one you love is the same gender. God loves you no matter what.

3 Worst Religions

Its an invite to bigots and ignorant people to talk trash about people with a certain belief. Of course Islam is the most misunderstood religion and Muslims are hated on. People are gonna write whatever they want without a worry. I don't want to go into reasons why Islam is so hated because its like talking to a brick wall, but it is one thing to question a religion and why things happen and why Muslims are called terrorists etc but another to spew false information around and spread lies about a religion to make matters worse.

This list is basically a hot churning pit of controversy. This list needs to be removed. At least, it could have been named in a more friendly manner like 'Top 10 widely disliked religions' or something

And yet, so many people agree with it! All religions are equal, whether you are an athiest,Christian, Muslim, o whatever. Also, the Muslim religion (not sue on actual name,) isn't the problem. Not all Muslims are hateful just because they worship Allah.

Wether real or fake, people's beliefs shouldn't be ranked, I might not agree with any religion but even to me ranking them as worst just isn't right.

4 Girls You Would Want to See Naked

This is an extremely disgusting list, perverted lists have no place on TheTopTens at all. These belong on a porn website, not on here! What’s even worse is that some user put underage children on the list, which makes him a pedophile.

Whoever created this list is just creepy. I don't want to see a boy naked because I am female.

This should be number 1 because it inappropriate and is sexual harassment and should be baned.

I visited this list thinking "I am going to visit all of these! " But this one is an exception.

5 Top 10 Penis Shapes

WHY...JUST WHY?!?!?!? Someone needs to take down this list..It's so disgusting to everyone in general. Just who in their sick minds would create that list anyway? It's so disgusting

It was rlly tough for me to decide between this and "Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't be Gay or Lesbian", but I decided voting this one would bring less controversy. Plus it's REALLY desgusting

Whoever made this list probably had erectile dysfunction or something, and made this list to compensate.

Whoever made that list is disgusting. I'm not gonna go look at it, because it's nasty.

6 Reasons Why Anime Sucks

To the person who made the Reasons Why anime sucks list what did you think would happen did it not occur to you people might take offense to it by naming it Reasons Why Anime Sucks people will assume your hating on anime fans if someone were to make Reasons Why Regular Show Sucks or Reasons Why Cartoons Sucks those fans will not take it lying down, If you really hate anime so much Post about it instead keep your hatred of everything anime to yourself.

I'm not saying that everyone must love anime. What I'm saying is that some of those reasons don't make sense. One of them said 'Anime is unoriginal'. How is that possible when so many movies were inspired by anime? Examples:The Matrix was inspired by the anime called Ghost in Shell or Black Sawn was inspired by Perfect Blue.

There is nothing wrong with this list staying. Like everything, anime too has its pros and cons, and the cons are being addressed. I am a huge fan of anime, but I am sane enough to agree that like everything, it too has its downsides. Y'all need to stop getting offended over every single damn thing

Thank you. It's not like I told anime fans to kill themselves or that they were wrong for liking it. I just don't like it and was tired of every anime fan saying never compare cartoons to anime because anime is perfect and will always be better than cartoons.

7 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

Who want to make a list like this, that's horrible, and child abuse should say illegal

Are you kidding me? what sort of person would think child Abuse should be legal?

*shakes head* Piplup, we need to have a talk.

The worst list I have ever read.

8 Top 10 Reasons to Not Like Homosexuals

This list is bad. I agree. It involves hating on a group of people who have done nothing wrong. This list needs to be removed

More like "Top 10 Reasons to be Homophobic." and that's NOT a good thing

Same thing as that top ten reasons to not be gay/lesbian

There is nothing wrong with being gay

9 Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity Is Terrible

People should not bash religions. I am a Christian and I was offended by the list. Most of the arguments are fake, or they go back to the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church already had apologized for what happened in the Middle Ages. So, this list needs to be removed.

I am not a Christian but this list has offended me as much as any Christian. My friend is a Christian. My grandmother's friend is a Christian. Lots of people I know are Christians.

Eh. This doesn't bother me too much. While I get how it might offend some people, everyone should be allowed to express their own opinion. If you don't like it, don't click on the list

Christianity is a peaceful religion which orders its followers to forgive their enemies and love everyone. What's bad about that?

10 Reasons to Hate Boys

This list is sexist. It even said that " Boys are sexist" when this list is sexist, and it's hypocritical, it even said that " They judge girls by their looks" but then it said "They're ugly" so it's fine for girls to judge boys by their. And it even said that " They insult girls" when this list is insulting boys. I had enough with these sexist lists like this!

Even though I'm female, I still find this list offensive. by the way I'm referring to the list of "Reasons to Hate Boys". Respect every gender, please.

Today's feminism in a nutshell. It's not about being equal genders anymore, it's about being superior to men.

If it were about girls people would go absolutely insane. Damn double standards.

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? Top Ten Songs You'd Like to Play at Justin Bieber's Funeral

I don't like Justin Bieber that much, but his haters are annoying and take things way too far on him, for example this list.

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11 Most Annoying Things About Kids

This list is just outright terrible. It's just filled with people who romanticize and reminisce their childhood and how they feel that kids these days are terrible. Talk about being close-minded...

This is an awful list talking about every single kid when it only applies to kids being portrayed in sitcoms and just a few kids in real life.

No, that list should exist, kids will understand why they're being called retarded by reading that list, it's educational

Ironically, the creator of that list was once a child him/herself. Why hate on children when you were a child in the past?

12 Annoying Things About Girls

It has disgusting stereotypes which is not even what most girls do anyway.

Very sexist and very offensive to girls.

Another sexist list why are people on toptens so offensive

I’m Male, and I am even saying that this list is the worst list ever. Get rid of it this instant.

13 Reasons Why Female Should Be the Only Gender

When humanity goes extinct because nobody reproduced, at least this horrible idea will die with us

Piplup strikes again!



14 Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018

Gee, this is on the 2nd page? Nah, get it to the top 20. Oh wait, lists that should be removed. Okay, I still think the list should stay so that the person who made it might look back and eventually regret his mistake, but this should still be higher up because that list was just bad.

Definitely it is just awful to gloat over peoples deaths (by the way most of them were not bad people at all).

Everyone on the list were innocent people! Except for the serial killers and terrorists.

This list is so rude! Nobody deserves to die!

15 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Who would even think about this in the first place!

This list is just out of the blue and strange.

But how do you know how their farts smell if you don't know them irl?

I think this is a joke list.

16 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Nintendo

It's mostly the fault of the overprotective fans. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but someone has a right to express their hate about something. This is why I hate most Nintendo fans. They're all like: "Nintendo saved the gaming industry, now LIKE IT." or they're all, "Stupid gamer with no childhood. You don't even know any classics. You are probably just some low-life idiot Call of Duty player that cusses every five seconds." The thing I hate most about the fans is the fact that if you don't like this one company, then you are called a hater, troll, Call of Duty fanboy, or are cussed at. First of all, even though I don't like Call of Duty, it makes me sick to see such bias within that gaming community. Not all of them cuss, are 9-year-olds, or act "gangsta". This is just a couple of the reasons why I hate the Nintendo Fanbase. They are probable one of the most immature and full of themselves. They always complain about others, but have they ...more

MAN, I knew I shouldn't have picked the first one because their was bound to be a better one, and then I voted for something else, THEN I SEE THIS! Darn, well anyway, I agree. Just because they are "family friendly" doesn't mean that are a bad company. If you want something Nintendo and mature, look up "majora's mask", "Gigyas",or "ocarina of time bottom of the well".

Nintendo is what influenced every other game company. If Super Mario Bros didn't exist, that that, violent, disgusting, sexist piece of crap called Grand Theft Auto wouldn't exist.

Some of the reasons are valid, but lots have nothing to do with Nintendo ("their fans). Also, you can clearly tell they ran out of ideas very quickly ("Sonic Boom")

17 Worst People on The Top Tens

Mrcoolface even made a list on why anime sucks. It doesn't. And my friend also said that the average anime's target audience is perverts.

Um, rude. I hope I'm not on there, because I can go look at that list. If somebody put me on there, I would cry.

Thank god this was gone before I joined or someone would've put my name on it.

If this list still existed, lets just say I'd be pretty high up there

18 People and Fictional Characters Who Should Get Cancer

Nobody should ever get cancer. Lists like this one are so wrong.

Cancer is nothing to joke about.

19 Worst Countries

Seriously some terrorist made this list

That’s very racist.

20 Top 10 Cartoon Characters That Should Catch Ebola

I can smell the butthurt in the comment of this post. eBolA isN't fuNNy. Jesus christ it's a joke, plus it's only cartoon characters.

Well, first thing, Ebola is not funny to joke about because think about it, people die from that disease every day. But in this case, it's fine.

That's offensive and dark. Imagine all the children in Africa dying... not a joking matter.

If people would make a list about cartoon characters that should catch the coronavirus, it would be worse.

21 Reasons to Hate Girls

I am a boy, and that's very sexist.

Incredibly sexist.

22 Reasons Why Japanese Anime is Worse Than American Cartoons

The person who made this list should have considered how polarizing that title is. He should have known that would attract anime fans to try to counter-argue why that list is wrong. Talk about the 1st Amendment.

I haven't watched Amine but it's pretty good, the only bad thing about of Anime is regularly boob jokes.

So...You are saying that Sanjay and Craig is objectively better than One Piece?

Objectively, anime is better than cartoons. Especially in animation.

23 Reasons the List "Reasons Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Drink Alcohol" Shouldn't Have Been Removed

Well that's because alcohol is a very harmful substance to your health, and much deadlier to children.

24 Countries With the Ugliest People

I'm Filipino-American & I don't look a thing like they described.

25 Top 10 Least Harmful Illegal Drugs

If it's illegal then it is obviously harmful. Common sense people.

The drugs are harmful no matter what, that's why they're illegal.

Illegal drugs are harmful, including this list

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