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221 Top 10 Ways/Tools to Kill Bunsen
222 Characters Who Should Beat Up Bunsen
223 Top Ten Reasons Not To Have A Job
224 Top 10 Reasons Zootopia Hating Needs to Stop

Just a whiny fanboy spreading lies and flimsy excuses. Not every loves or has to love that movie any more than they have to love Frozen! Is that really so hard to understand?

If any and all positive Frozen and Lego Movie lists should be removed, so should this one. Zootopia should not get a free pass just because of the political climate at the time it came out.

Well, you know very well why I made the list. - naFrovivuS

If the "worst things about Zootopia" and "worst Zootopia characters" lists need to go, so does this one. If "haters" (read: anyone who doesn't just love Zootopia and think it's the greatest Disney animated movie ever [with or without the words "Disney" and "animated"]) can't have lists or comments for their opinions, neither should the fans.

225 Top 10 Reasons Why Neo-Nazis are Better Than Social Justice Warriors

1. Both groups are AWFUL, 2. How and why was this even approved?

They both suck and are a blight on society

226 Worst Things About the United States
227 Best Reasons to Hate Pokemon
228 Reasons Why Caillou is Better than Dora the Explorer

So this is an actual list? - UnlawfulMatron

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