Top 10 Lists That Should Be Removed from TheTopTens


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41 Best Linkin Park Song With "The" In the Title V 1 Comment
42 Reasons To Hate My Little Pony

Only Because Of The Fandom?
That's A Very Bad Reason To Hate Something - JPK

43 Characters Who Should Beat Up Timmy Turner
44 Top Ten Users Who Should Date Britgirl
45 Most Hated Asian Countries

South Korea is number 1 on that list thanks to those DAMN Japanese trolls! They really need to SHUT UP!...I'm not Korean though...that list just pisses me off

Can't we just burn that list along with Most Hated Countries? These two lists in particular should be REMOVED!

Have some popular user convince the admin to do so, but they seemed like no. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I feel bad that South Korea is number 1 on that list!

Whoever created this list should go to hell! And also the Japanese nationalists too since they made Korea number 1 on that list! I’m not Korean but I don’t have any respects for those Japanese scumbag nationalists! - Shdnf

V 15 Comments
46 Top Ten Reasons Why Uncle Grandpa is Better Than The Simpsons

This is... Both the shows are equal

47 Top 10 Ways to Kill Justin Bieber

We hate Justin Bieber, but we don't want to murder him

48 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

Hey! It was just a joke! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

49 Top 10 Best Mario Characters to Rival Amy Rose
50 Ways To Kill Scarlett Johansson

Who would want to harm a goddess!

Garbage List!

51 Top Ten Ways To Kill Rainbow Dash

Jeez, That's Too Far - JPK

52 Characters Who Should Beat Up Tommy Pickles
53 Top 10 Characters That Can Beat Up Elsa and Anna

This list is pointless, even to me who doesn't care for Frozen.

54 Top Ten People That Have the Best Butts

WHAT? - jmepa1234

55 Reasons To Hate Jerry Mouse

The person who came up with this idea should be dragged onto the street and shot. Jokes aside, this list is terrible. There's no reasons to hate Jerry Mouse. - Svampbob164


56 Best Things About Justin Bieber
57 Top Ten Reasons You Think Administration in TheTopTens Is Dead
58 Top Ten Worst Animals
59 Top Ten Body Parts Of Justin Bieber

His moles obviously

EEEKK *vomits and drink bleach* - MChkflaguard_Yt

Definitely A Troll List - JPK

60 Top 10 Reasons Why Goanimate is Better Than Harry Potter

I like both, but I like Harry Potter even more

I love GoAnimate. Wizard101 is better than Harry Potter because you don't read about wizards, you ARE one. In GoAnimate, you could make your OWN videos about wizards, thus both are better - Goatworlds

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