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61 Top 10 Sonic the Hedgehog Video Games/Comics/TV Shows That Ruined the Whole Sonic Franchise

I don't care what's so Good or Bad about Most Sonic games. I Knew that Most Sonic Comics and Sonic T.V. Shows aren't Canon. I See a lot of Sonic Haters Nowadays. Same goes for MLP. I'm Not hating on Every Sonic and MLP Haters because There's Good and Bad in every Fandoms and Hatedoms. - ChroniclerMan5

62 Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

This list is the Gangnam Style of TheTopTens. - naFrovivuS

It's still the first featured on the Music Section. It's 2016 now.

NO, don't delete this list. It's the closest list to 1 million votes - PeeledBanana

Now it's 2017 and people are STILL posting on a list that happened FIVE YEARS AGO! Tf is wrong with people?

63 Top 10 Ways to Kill Nicki Minaj
64 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola

To be fair just about everything is better than Ebola

This list is really funny

65 Top 10 Reasons Why Adolf Hitler is Better Than Justin Bieber

I hate Bieber, but he is nowhere near as bad as Hitler

At least JB didn't MURDER people

66 Reasons Why Pickle and Peanut Is Better Than Over The Garden Wall
67 Top Ten Reasons Why Adolf Hitler is Better Than Casey Alexander V 1 Comment
68 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Frozen Fans

You want me to get an account and make a "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Zootopia Fans" or "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Splatoon Fans"? Didn't think so. Lists that attack people just because they like something should not be allowed on here.

69 Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go is Better Than Moms

What kind of list is that?! Why would you like some crappy cartoon more than your own mom?! Oh, wait. Is Moms a show or something?...

I think it did get removed, and I hope so!

Why Does This Exist?! - Du

70 Characters Who Would Enjoy The Human Centipede 2
71 Reasons Why Fat Women Are Better Than Skinny Women
72 Reasons To Hate Amy Rose

Why does everyone makes fun of a girl character from a game that she is were pink just because she to girly? Shut up. Don't hate on a character.

I really don't care if Amy Rose is a stalker, or rapist, or girly, or whatever they say about her

TwilightKitsune and Bugger, don't say that some "fanbrat troll" added your lists. You realise that there are other people besides Amy Rose fans and "fanbrat trolls" who don't think Amy Rose is an absolute worst character, right? and other people besides Amy Rose fans and "fanbrat trolls" despise these lists.

73 Top Ten Ways Rainbow Dash Is A Bully

She's Really Not A Bully
She's Just A Little Full Of Herself Sometimes, But She Apologizes In The End - JPK

74 Top 10 Worst Music Genre

This item should be strictly removed. Everyone has the taste in music. - waraypiso

Which is why there's opinions. I don't see any reason to remove this list. - PeeledBanana

75 Reasons to Hate Pokémon

I wish I had shenron ( dragon ball ) and giratina. First I would wish the shenron to grant the person who made this list immorta. Next I would make giratina to use her most fiercest attack. He will be alive but will get such a pain that he will never write a list like this in the next ten thousand centuries. Lol

Wait, why is my comment not there?

No offense Pokemon fans but I hate Pokemon but I respect your opinions so respect mines ok

V 2 Comments
76 Top 10 Reasons Why This List Has a Car

Someone's been doing too much drugs

77 Top Ten Ways Atheists Are Better Than Christians
78 Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 Of SpongeBob

This is actually a really funny list

Nah, don't delete it. - PeeledBanana

That show is flooded with troll ideas. - TopTenHaters

I think this list should be removed because many of the ideas violate the Terms of Use, season 10 of SpongeBob is almost over, and because the list is too long now. However, I wouldn't blame TopTenJackson on this. This list was a good list until trolls started adding stupid ideas like SpaghettiBob MemePants, Everyone Dies & the Show Ends, SpongeBob Gets Pregnant, and many others. - anonygirl

79 Things Disney1994 Regrets
80 Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Suck

That's not nice. That list can hurt girls fealings

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