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81 Things Disney1994 Regrets
82 Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Suck

That's not nice. That list can hurt girls fealings

83 Best Florida Georgia Line Songs
84 Characters Who Enjoyed the SpongeBob SquarePants Episode One Coarse Meal
85 Top 10 Brain-Fetish Scenes in Undertale Fanfiction So Far

"Xander exploding his own brain" - xandermartin98

86 Reasons Why Anime is Better Than American Cartoons

A very biased list saying that this is a fact no matter what you think and if you think otherwise, you are wrong according to them.

Than by that logic the reasons why American cartoons are better is biased to.

At least Reason Why American Cartoons Are Better wasn't attacking Anime fans and said nothing was good about anime like on how Reasons Why Anime Is Better attacked cartoon fans and said nothing is good about cartoons.

87 Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Awful

Frozen's Hate Is Getting Annoying - JPK

"I hate this movie"

Whoop. Dee. '. Doo. Did you not see that 80% of this whole site is Frozen hate lists like this one?

88 Top Ten Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus
89 Top 10 Reasons Why Pop is Awful

I hated that list. I love metal, but some of these metal and rock fans are taking it too far. I'm dearly sorry pop fans it just some dumb rocks fan saying mean things about you.

That list was very mean :'(. I love pop music. some of you rock and Metal fans are cruel.

I know, I'm a rock fan though I respect others opinions and this list is just a person's opinion. A lot of these are. - Anonymousxcxc

It's should be changed to "Top 10 Reasons Why The New Pop is Awful", pop sucks nowadays. - 05yusuf09

90 Top Ten Reasons Big Hero 6 is Better Than Wreck-It Ralph

No need to compare disney movies. They are both good in their own way

91 Reasons to Hate Happy Tree Friends

Stop hating Happy Tree Friends, it's an awesome cartoon

This needs a higher ranking

Happy tree friends is my all time favorite cartoon

1.The person who said stop hating on happy tree friends, shut up! Everyone has there opinion.
2.05yusuf09. I know you hate HTF, but saying someone to go to jail is not true. It was meant for violate.

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92 Reasons Why The Lego Movie Is Awesome

I'm tired of seeing this as a "related" list on every anti-Lego Movie list. Do the maker of that list and/or TheTopTens itself seriously think I or anyone else who doesn't see The Lego Movie as the bastion of holy perfection is going to look at that list and change our minds?

Between this list and that gorram song, the word "awesome" has lost all meaning.

93 Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than The Lego Movie

Neither is better

Please don't dislike my comment, but I hate Frozen even more. At least the Lego Movie didn't have any other annoying songs than "Everything Is Awesome".

I don't care for The Lego Movie, but I really hate Frozen

Somebody had an adding spree here but it wasn't "caps girl" or any Frozen fans. It was either Nateawesomeness or TheRandom.

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94 Most Underrated Disney Movies

I don't even like Frozen, but I don't agree with the "every Disney movie that isn't Frozen is automatically underrated" mentality that this list is a manifestation of.

It's pretty much devolved into "name every movie Disney ever made besides Frozen"

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Treasure Planet, and The Princess and the Frog have such huge (and militant) cult followings I'd hardly call them "underrated" by any stretch of the imagination.

Lady and The Tramp

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95 Top 10 Injustice Characters That Should Beat Up Elsa and Anna from Frozen

It's downright terrifying that people are able to come up with so many lists that all mean the same thing.

We already have "Characters That Hate Elsa and Anna", "Characters That Should Beat Up Elsa and Anna", and "Animated Characters That Can Destroy Elsa and Anna", we don't need this list

These Are Getting Old - JPK

96 Top Ten Reasons To Hate Princess Anna and Queen Elsa

I don't like them as sisters at all anyway.

97 Top Ten Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is better than Survivor

Not only is this list over-opinionated, it's plain stupid. The person that made this list says Sanjay and Craig is better because "it's a cartoon." - naFrovivuS

98 Top 10 Reasons Why Kim Jong Un & Barack Obama Would Make a Great Couple V 1 Comment
99 Top Ten Reasons the Lego Movie is Better Than the Nut Job

It's like listing the top ten reasons why gangrene is better than leprosy- neither is "better" really.

This Should Stay - JPK

No, this list should stay, I don't like either movies, but I hate Nut Job even more

100 Most Annoying Non-Official Disney Pairings

Look, I don't care for the top five pairings on there myself, but I don't vote and make new half-baked, childish comments on them at every opportunity. Also there are much worse pairings (father-son incest, sister-sister incest, brother-brother incest, pedophilia, and bestiality) on that list but they're so low because someone just has to make extra sure every however long between votes the world is reminded of their own personal hated pairings and see their "compelling arguments".

The morons and 5 year olds here are the people who keeping making very similar stupid comments on certain pairings over and over again. And at this point the top spots are taken by those people voting in order to repeatedly make said stupid comments (they're anonymous so they had to have voted first; that's just how the site works nowadays).

If "they don't care at all", why are "they" feeling the need to call out and make fun of others? And it really does appear to me that the top pairings are just ones that keep getting voted over and over just so the same comments with little variation or substance can be posted just so at most three or four people can feel better about themselves. Any list reaching that state should just be taken off.

To bring back comment that got buried: "There's nothing wrong with the idea of the list itself. It's just that a "modern four"-hating troll has hacked it and put the pairings involved with that way higher than many pairings that are much worse (including ones involving incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and abuse). And they keep posting comments on those pairings that all boil down to the same thing."

Don't know about the hacking but do agree that it appears a troll or at least a way-too-obsessed fanboy/fangirl/fannonbinary has made the list all about them. Not to mention come to this list to call everybody "whiners", ""morons", and "five year olds", as well as claim that they "don't give a crp at all" when they quite obviously do.

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