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1 Best Things About Dora

Add other things here like, Best things about he teletubbies, Best things about The movie Batman and Robin, Reasons to hate Minecraft and worst SpongeBob Squearpants songs.

2 Best Things About Justin Bieber

There already is one its so stupid - simpsondude

Exactly because there ain't any best things. - AbdRahmanSalah

3 Top Ten Golf Clubs

This list would be so pointless. - Minecraftcrazy530


4 Top Ten Reasons Why Autism Must Be Cured

If this list is made, I will lose some of my faith in humanity...

This is not a bad list idea.

5 Top Ten Top Tens

Obviously going to be merged, makes no sense. - FerrariDude64

What? That makes no sense - Randomator

This would be funny

6 Top Ten Reasons Why Pedophilia Should be Legal

If a dark web version of TheTopTens is ever made, expect for this to be one of the first lists.

I'd agree with that list don't report me

7 Why We Should All Kill Our Parents
8 Top Ten Bra Sizes of Popular TopTenners


9 Best Things About the Resident Evil Movie

Personally I can't think of anything positive to say about the Resident Evil Movie. - egnomac

10 Why *insert Username Here* Should Die

The Contenders

11 How to Kill Our Friends

I know how...

Insert them into my writing and kill them there! No harm done if I get permission. - Cyri

12 Top Ten Emo People
13 Top Ten TopTenners with the Best-Smelling Farts

Britgirl would make this. - Userguy44

14 Worst Things About Fullmetal Alchemist


15 Best Things About the Last Airbender Movie

Never make a list about the good things of the worst movie ever.

Will be a bad idea.

16 Reasons Why Onion Bread Is Fantastic
17 Best Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber songs
18 Top 10 Reasons to Love Hillary Clinton
19 Top 10 TopTenners Who Should Have Sex with Each Other

That would just be disturbing

20 Top Ten Facebook Posts
21 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus is Hot
22 Worst Users of TheTopTens

I wish that this list was still around.

23 Top 10 Kinkiest Users of TheTopTens

Ugh! - Userguy44

I'd be number 1 lol because I'm kinky kinky 😉

24 Worst Things About Spongebob

It's easy. He's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, he's annoying, and most of all, he's BLOODY ANNOYING! - PositronWildhawk

Yeah SpongeBob is too awesome for that.


I made that list not because I hate him theyres some bad things about him - simpsondude

25 Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Is Better Than Psoriasis
26 Top 10 Nuts

Nuts are good.

27 Reasons Why Metal Music Stinks
28 Why *insert Username Here* Sucks
29 Worst Things About the Eighties
30 Reasons Why Judo Is Better Than Pretzel Rolls
31 Top Ten People That Make Top 10 Lists
32 Reasons Why Lil Wayne is Better Than Nirvana, Queen and Iron Maiden
33 Best Nicknames for Admin

Finch? - Userguy44

34 Best Things About the Atari Jaguar
35 Top Ten Worst TopTenners
36 Worst Metal Bands

One word. Limp Bizkit! - Userguy44

37 Why North Korea Should Take Over the World

Why not? - styLIShT

38 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who are Furries
39 Best Things About Barney the Dinosaur

Right because their isn't anything good about him - Jake09

40 Top Ten Farts

How could you even make this list? - Minecraftcrazy530

Haha! There's that word again. Top Ten Farts?! If my Mother knew I found that word highly funny she'd have a FIT! But she's not here so... FART... FART... FART! Haha! I Love that word. - Britgirl

Maybe try it out, B.G. ? - PositronWildhawk

Top ten farts? I have a little idea... *snicker* - DogsUnleashed

41 Top Ten Ways to Kill PositronWildhawk

Not that I would support such an immature, unimaginative list, but what's with the PositronWildhawk hype? He's rude and incredibly pretentious.

This would be violent. - Userguy44

42 Reasons Why One Direction Is Better Than The Beatles
43 Top 10 Photographers
44 Reasons Why TheTopTens Sucks

I would support this list

45 Why Donald Trump is a God

Sounds like a list no one on here would take seriously.

46 Best Body Parts of Dimash Kudaibergen
47 Best Things About SpongeBob
48 Worst Michael Jackson Songs
49 Top Ten Reasons Why TurkeyAsylum Is the Worst User Ever
50 Reasons Why Hitler Is Better Than Ebola
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