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41 Best Things About Madonna

Madonna sold out. She's not who she is anymore.

42 Worst Things About Survivor
43 Worst Things About Europe
44 Lists That Should Never Be Made

This list already exists dumbass!

45 Worst Things About Blue's Clues
46 Best things about One Direction
47 Best Things About Nicki Minaj
48 Top Ten Names to Name Your Toilet
49 Top Ten Characters Who Should Get Autism
50 Top Ten Reasons Silly Bands are better than Pokemon socks with Ketchup Stains
51 Best Things About YouTube Poop
52 Top 10 Reasons Why Action 52 Is Better Than Cartoon Network
53 Reasons Why Most Hated Countries Is the Best List Ever
54 Top Ten Reasons to Love Sanjay and Craig
55 TopTenners That Need to Die
56 Why Epicjake Is Worse Than Big Rigs
57 Reasons Why Big Rigs Is Better Than Minecraft
58 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Gravity Falls
59 Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Better Than War

It will be the next generation of adventure time is better than Ebola

60 Why Frozen Is the Scariest Movie of All Time
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