Top Ten Lists on TheTopTens that Need More Comments

I've seen some REALLY great lists that have little to no comments on them, and it surprised me.
So go on these lists, and be sure to drop a comment on them!
And don't forget to delete them when they have lots of comments!!! :D

The Top Ten Lists on TheTopTens that Need More Comments

1 Most Annoying Things Selfies Do

This list is what we ALL need. Anyone who has ever been on Instagram, Snapchat, etc can relate to this list.

2 Top 10 Annoying Trends In Video Games

It's a cool list!

3 Top Ten Most Annoying Things Kids Do While Shopping

With a title like this, you'd think the list would be popular.

4 Top Ten Games for Windows 8

ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS. I know Windows 8 is kinda old, but still...

5 Most Embarrassing Foods or Drinks to Accidentally Drop at the Grocery Store

Made by NicholasYellow, it has no comments and is 272 days old.

6 Top Ten Most Used and Overused YouTube Poop Jokes

It's so funny! Plus he gives accurate descriptions of the items and their origins. It only has HIS comments, so go to this list!

7 Top Ten Marvel Characters That Need a Movie

A great list! Marvel needs more superhero movies.

YES. I LOVE Marvel! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 Top Ten Most Annoying Things People Do While Shopping

So Relatable.

9 Top Ten Best Angry Birds Go! Characters
10 Top Ten Best Channels on Angry Birds Toons T.V.

I put mine at the bottom just to be fair.

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