Top Ten Lists On TheTopTens Which the Creator of the List Believes Deserves More Attention

Together with Superhyperdude, who deserves credit for the idea, we have been asking various users of TheTopTens which of their lists has been overlooked. Here is what we got:

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1 Britgirl - Top Ten Things to Shout In a Quiet Doctor's Waiting Room.

You should really check this one out! - keyson

That list was funny! I thought plenty of people saw that. - ruJILLous

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2 Kiteretsunu - Top Ten Dumbest Things to Say As a News Show TV Anchor
3 Superhyperdude - Top Ten Weirdest Drunken Lines

I gotta see this the things drunk people say are really funny! - ruJILLous

4 Positronwildhawk - Most Elaborate Yet Worthy Forms of Revenge

Very deranged that list is, in a good way but with a side that says "I need medical attention! " - SuperHyperdude

This list is SO underrated! Seriously good! Still here? Why aren't you checking it out?! - Britgirl

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5 Petsounds - Books That Make You Think

This is a list that made me think. - PositronWildhawk

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6 Archaces - Fictional Public Information Films That Cannot Be Taken Seriously

I collaborated with ArchAces on this excellent list. It really is underrated, as Will is himself. - PositronWildhawk

7 Turkeyasylum - Top Ten Worst Words to Mix Up With Each Other

This list needs way more attention. I think it's one of my best. - Turkeyasylum

A list I encountered when I was just a visitor, a grew tone too! - keycha1n

I thought it was you best - PatrickStar

8 Alpha101 - Top Ten Misunderstood Songs

I will laugh if I see wrecking ball on that list - ruJILLous

9 Cazaam - Top Ten Dumbest Charles Darwin Nominees

The title is wrong here, it's supposed to be Top Ten Dumbest Darwin Award Nominees. - Cazaam

10 Happyhappyjoyjoy - Top Ten Things That Make Life Worth Living

Only hhjj could have created this one. Most definitely deserves more attention. - PetSounds

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The Contenders

11 Patrickstar - Top Ten Best Reality TV Channels
12 Nintendofan126 - Top Ten Characters That Should Play Slender: The Eight Pages
13 Irina2932 - Planets / Moons Most Likely to Have Liquid Water

This is a very fine list indeed. - PositronWildhawk

14 Cerealguy - Top Ten Keep Calm Lines
15 Pug - Worst Things to Find In an Elevator
16 Finch - Top Ten Ways to Get In Shape
17 Simpsondude - Top Ten Weirdest Games We Want to Be Made

I really thought this list was funnt but instead it got almost no views - simpsondude

18 Letdot52 - Top Ten Facts About Letdot52

I was hoping it would do a bit better. - letdot52

19 Lem - Top Ten People You Wish Were Alive Today

I thought this list would've gotten much more attention! - Lem

20 Bobbythebrony - Top Ten Metal Bands You Wished Would Perform at Your Birthday Party
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