Undergrounded Lists

PositronWildhawk Superhyperdude and I have been working together, messaging various members of TheTopTens, asking them which of their lists deserves more attention. We've been super-busy, asking many different people, and receiving tons of responses. Happy to help some of their best works get off the ground, no matter what, we compiled the lot, and would eventually make a list.

The list is finally here, people! Enjoy at your will!

Of course, there's no limit to how many lists or how many people we can have on this list, so you can always add more as you wish, if that list really means a lot to you. But choose them wisely; too many and nobody will know where to begin!

And do your friends a favour by checking out their underrated stuff. Make a vote, a comment, a post, it doesn't matter. They're worth it. Make the gesture as nice as what we've done here.


Been a pleasure working with you on this list - visitor

I've noticed an increase in activity on some of my lists since you fellows published this. Thanks. - PetSounds

Very nice idea guys! You did a wonderful job! - Irina2932