Top Ten Lists On TheTopTens With the Darkest Humour

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1 Most Elaborate Yet Worthy Forms of Revenge

This list is easily one of my most underrated. Give it a look, guys. - PositronWildhawk

2 Worst Things for a Male to Say When Meeting His Girlfriend's Parents for the First Time

Of course my friend. And thank you! =) - Britgirl

By the very dark and "somehow lovely" Britgirl. Take that as a compliment, B.G. - PositronWildhawk

3 Worst Comments to Make at a Funeral

Well, this is one of the lists that inspired me to make my own "dumbest" and "worst" series. - Kiteretsunu

4 Top Ten Most Rebellious Things for a Sensible Person to Do
5 Most Embarrassing Compliments
6 Weirdest Replies to Receive After Calling 911

One of Kiteretsunu's finest. - PositronWildhawk

7 Top Ten Asinine Things to Say If You Chanced Upon Two Secret Lovers

One of HezarioSeth's finest. - PositronWildhawk

8 Top Ten Shocking and Embarrasing Things That You Wouldn't Ever Want to Happen to You
9 Top Ten Worst Comments to Make at a Retirement Home
10 Worst Things for a Surgeon to Do During an Operation

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Worst Places To Fall On Your Face

Well, on your face obviously.
Oh wait... - Rocko

12 Worst Times To Propose To Her
13 Ten Worst Things To Say To Her On A Date
14 Top Ten Worst Places For An Ambulance To Mistakenly Drop Off A Patient
15 Top Ten Dumbest Things to Say When You Know You've Been Caught In the Act
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