Top Ten Lists Where Justin Bieber or Something Related to Him is at the #1 Spot

This list records the lists where Justin Bieber, one of his songs, or his movie is in the top spot.

This just goes to show you he STILL hasn't recovered from all the hate he got from 2009-2013 on this site.

The Top Ten Lists Where Justin Bieber or Something Related to Him is at the #1 Spot

1 Worst Songs of All Time

His 2009 single, "Baby" has been voted as the worst song of all time. - Spark_Of_Life

2 Top Ten Most Hated People

I hate him too but come on...HE CANNOT BE WORSE THAN HITLER OR BIN LADEN! NO ONE CAN BE WORSE THAN THOSE TWO! The person that said that Bieber is worse than Hitler is mentally retarded or on drugs.

He is also the world's most hated person, apparently hated more than HITLER AND OSAMA BIN LADEN. - Spark_Of_Life

3 Top Ten Dumbest People In History

He is also the dumbest person in history, apparently. - Spark_Of_Life

4 Top 10 Ugliest People In The World

He was voted the "Ugliest Person In The World" by my fellow TopTenners. - Spark_Of_Life

5 Top 10 Most Awful And Annoying Celebrities

Voted "Most Awful And Annoying Celebrity" by users. - Spark_Of_Life

6 Most Annoying Celebrities

Didn't I just list this? - Spark_Of_Life

7 Top 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever

His 2009 Single "Baby" was voted as the "Most Annoying Song Ever". - Spark_Of_Life

8 Worst Movies of All Time

His 2011 Movie, "Never Say Never" was voted as the Worst Movie Of All Time by users. - Spark_Of_Life

9 Worst Songs of 2010

His 2009 Single, "Baby" was voted as the "Worst Song of 2010". - Spark_Of_Life

10 Top 10 Stupidest Songs

His 2009 Single, "Baby" was voted as the "Stupidest Song", whatever that means. - Spark_Of_Life

The Contenders

11 Top Ten Ugliest People in the World

You wrote that twice

Forget about Donatella Versacé, Justin Bieber is apparently more ugly because he sang a cancerous song. - Swellow

12 Worst Singers Ever
13 Worst Albums of All Time

His album my world 2.0 was voted the worst album of all time. - Don_Richmond

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