Best Little Big Planet Slappers

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21 Berzerker-_-Boy
22 Elite-_-Syndicates

He's is a decent slapper and I respect him and he's beaten me countless times, I'm voting for him.

Truly a decent guy.


23 Gangzta_4Life

Laugh out loud... this is Gangzta voting for himself, all you do is vs. noobs all day, you should be ranked at 32 because I know many people way better than you. I ace you on a regular basis - J

This list dead. People just putting their names now like some gaf.

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24 Xxkage12xX

I think, I can beat him :/

25 OrbITKASTER_0-9

Orb deserves higher than this bro

26 IAmTruePain
27 Obey_Kipanda627
28 XxGrizzlyBear-X V 1 Comment
29 Ninja_killzz30
30 Dark_Paledin
31 Chardrig01

Not #1 but he sure is getting there.

He was one of my best friends on ps3 and now we don't see each other much, but he's got my vote!

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32 Rng-_-Rehmy
33 Killaswag360lol

This guy beat everyone he even gave wing night a problem at once

All I know is dis. Guy beat a lot of pros. So - lilray

He sucks money_grabber43 beat him 100 to 50 100 to 0 100 to 10

He never gave me a problem. No one has. - wingnight22

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34 XxSINZ0xX

I'm not good at all just another guy with his mouth wide open.

I'm not good at all, just another guy with his mouth open.

Ace me IF you can...

35 darkshaowdude V 1 Comment
36 Gigaburtz25 V 1 Comment
37 Hard-_-One23

One of the best slappers I've seen why is he 28th?...

He beat agent clank. why is he here?

He's a pretty good slapper... He eat some people like "Tobi-Uchiha" he also aced TayTay he aced kassanbeautiful and hotdizzle in a day someone said he beat Thomas... So he should be about 25

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38 money_grabber43

Its funny how all the good people at the bottom

Put money_grabber43 in the top ten who with me

This guy is awesome I saw him ace a lot of people he should be 6

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39 g97rrck
40 LilDuck
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